Supplements Best Practices

Take good care of your supplements

We have already had occasions to talk about the possible risks associated with the use of rough supplements and the fact that, introduced with food, some nutrients have a protective effect against health that cannot be obtained by taking them in the form of food supplements. But what are the basic rules to follow when […]


The Magneto Therapy

Magnetotherapy has proven it’s self as a sound physiatrist treatment used for the cure of several diseases. This therapy is magically curing and notably reducing pain. There are three experimental methods through which the impulse of magnetic field has interacted to living organisms. Magneto-electronic effects Magneto-mechanical effects Electromagnetic Induction There are mostly 6 fields of […]

Preventing Flaccid Triceps

Fighting the "bat wings"

Flaccid triceps cause sagging skin. Here are the exercises recommended to prevent the problem to occur. You have an appointment with your best friend, waiting on the other side of the road, and you wave them up. You feel radiant and you probably are. If it were not for something that dangles and attracts the […]

5 Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind

In today’s world, where people are prone to stress, anxiety, and depression, it’s more important than ever to search for ways to relax your mind. Relationships, work, school, and/or financial worries all take a toll on our bodies and minds, and yoga can be a welcome break from the pressures of everyday life. According to […]

The Bad Memory

the bad memory

Recognize what it enables us do forgetting matters will help us to recognize our weaknesses. That is a totally useful concept for anyone who desires to enhance performance and preventing deterioration of their own memory.  First we ought to say that the forgetfulness have to not be considered usually like some thing terrible. Forgetting is […]

Why Meditate


25 Signs For You to Start Meditating for the Next 40 Days Meditation, simply put, is nothing but mental hygiene: clearing out the daily mental garbage and junk so that you can get in touch with your real Self and tune up your talents and skills. Think about it–you shower every day and clean your […]

Enhancing your memory

Memory enhancements are possible

Enhancing your memory, wisely use your brain,  remember things easily. Where do the tricks of memory come from? In the mists of time the Greeks organized competitions in which those who could remember more things would won. To succeed, the people involved in the race used to display information to remember as if they were […]

Can Yoga Improve Athletic Performance?

Can Yoga Improve Athletic Performance?

Of yoga’s many known benefits, one is particularly interesting to people who play sports or train in athletics. Physiological studies show that yoga can directly improve athletic performance; and it does this in a few different ways. Professional sports teams now often hire a yoga teacher to support their training; footballers, basketball players, climbers, and […]

The Olive Tree

The many remedies derived from the olive tree

Of this plant, native to the Near East, we are used to picture its oil, extracted from fruits. Yet the olive in phytotherapy is useful in all its parts: leaves and bark are used in a good variety of preparations, whose spectrum includes the treatment of fevers, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, is a valuable ally just […]

Feel Better Today: Add More Tastes

detox with good food

Have you ever eaten your way to the bottom of a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips only to find yourself feeling unsatisfied? Have you ever dug into to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, only to find yourself still craving something that’s missing? Welcome to the American diet. In our country, we attempt […]