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A Electronic Book or E Book as they are universally known, is a text based publication in digital form.

While they may contain beautiful images and graphs of some kind, mostly their formats lead them to be text based.

E books are designed to be read off an electronically compatible device either an IReader, a Kindle EReader, tablet or personal computer.

E-Books are the actual text and document being read, an E Reader is the device that makes this possible. E-books are stored as electronic files, they are small and easy to share and purchase.

They are convenient, light and have a huge storage capacity, that allows for incredible travel reading, electronic notes, and character summaries. However, they were not always like this.

E-books was created mostly for convenience

At Epi Life Coach we believe that physical movement or exercise is very important to bring oxygen to the brain but we also need to exercise our intellect and well knowledge.

Epi Life Coach has selected specific e-books from experts in the field of functional food and healthy eating for you read and enjoy

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