EMF/ELF Lifestyle Shielding products

Introduction into e-smog

E-smog (or electrosmog) refers to the huge amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF) present literally everywhere on this planet. Every electrical and magnetic device causes e-smog, which are essentially digital radiation and is not readily processed by the human body. Overexposure to e-smog can lead to sleeping disorders, headaches and concentration problems. So, we have created and partnered with experts around the globe to provide you services and products that will help you. We partner with experts such as Partner Less EMF to develop and provide EMF/ELF Lifestyle Shielding products and other lifestyle products for daily protection.

EMF/ELF Lifestyle Shielding products

Now you can identify radiation around you and your family, at work and at home, from your work devices as well home as appliances. Seek our Modern Self Radiation Service and have a look at other services available. At that instant, you are making every effort to live in a radiation controlled environment. For more information,  on the Modern Self Radiation Service please contact us.

Some of our EMF/ELF Shielding products are provided by our Partner Less EMF, we provide an array of lifestyle product that you can use on daily basis.

Vitalizing Card

The new Vitalizing Card

After many years of research in Germany using high frequency infusion techniques, the Vitalizing Card was developed. The Vitalizing Card was built in with spectrum coil to allow natural alpha frequencies to ‘spin counter clockwise’, which closely reflects the Mother Earth’s original frequencies.
The Mother Earth’s original frequencies can often be found next to a natural and high water fall, or next to the shore line of pristine beaches, of remote desert islands. Considering that it is impossible to experience these every day, the Vitalizing Card is developed to bring nature’s frequencies into your possession, every day.

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