epi life coach video archive

In this section we have listed our own informative videos.
All the videos here are for information purpose only.

Epi Life Coach Official Presentation

Length: 1:32 minutes  
Date: Published on 29 Aug 2017
Excerpt: Epi Life Coach provides nutritional services to anyone who would like to improve their lifestyle by understanding the importance of food and general nutrition.

Optimize Training Elite Report

Length: 2:05 minutes  
Date: Published on 2 Sep 2017
Excerpt: Optimize Reports contains highly relevant environmental factors based on personal epigenetics from hair follicles. The reports are generated in less than 15 minutes and provide instant access to diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices information.

Smart Card V2

Length: 2:00 minutes  
Date: Published on 18 Jul 2017
Excerpt: After many years of research in Germany using high frequency infusion techniques, the Smart Card was developed. The Smart Card was built in with spectrum coil to allow natural alpha frequencies to ‘spin counter clockwise’, which closely reflects the Mother Earth’s original frequencies. 

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