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Meditation is not a technique but a way of life


Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. Meditation means ‘a cessation of the thought process’. It describes a state of consciousness when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns.
The observer (one who is doing meditation) realizes that all the activity of the mind is reduced to one.

Based on today lifestyle that everyone of us is experiencing we need lots of help from ourselves as well from friends, environment, etc, many of us heard the word Meditation but do we really know what means? Some of us may consider meditation as a worship or prayer but actually, it is not so. Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation, listening to yourself is meditation, isolate yourself from the environment by focusing on one goal, relaxing and let go any emotion, any thoughts, any worries, all these activities can be included in the meditation parameters as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation.

We also understand that meditation can be very difficult because our mind is not set to detachment and letting go to all the things around us so our team has decide to explore science to facilitate meditation and help our members to reach their goals in life via meditation and relaxation that why we partner with Zen 12 program which provide Meditation and Brainwave Entrainment combination, the program includes:

  • 48 MP3s, covering the first 12 levels
  • Twelve months of levels:
     -beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Lifetime Support
  • Bonus Gifts
  • Audio guides to each level
  • Access to an exclusive 1-hour training call, hosted by Karl Moore
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