Obesity and Epigenetics

Cell welfare, a change that comes from within! Epigenetics is defined as modifications of the genome that are inherited by the next generations but do not alter the DNA sequence.
Dr. Paula Mouta
YEAR  2017
DATE  Wednesday, May 24
TOPIC  Epigenetics
AUTHOR  Dr. Paula Mouta

Cell welfare, a change that comes from within!
Epigenetics is defined as modifications of the genome that are inherited by the next generations but do not alter the DNA sequence.
Obesity is a metabolic condition in which there is an excess accumulation of adipose tissue to the point of having a negative impact on health, which leads to a reduction in life expectancy and an increase in health problems.

In January 2016, it was announced to the public through the “Published News Medical Life Sciences” newspaper in the United States, that scientists discovered the epigenetic switch linked to obesity.
Also, a study published by Andrew Pospisilik on January 28, 2016, in the journal “Cell” suggests that a person’s predisposition for obesity is at least partially determined by the epigenetic regulation.
The study shows that the phenotypes or diseases may have a strong switch with epigenetic origin.
Epigenetic modifications can be inherited at the time of cell division (mitosis) and will have a profound effect on the biology of the organism, defining different phenotypes (development and behavior).
Last year, the WHO estimated that more than 600 million people in the world are obese.
For example, it has been proven that adiposity is controlled by a part of our DNA and modified by our environment.
Most people see body fat as relatively harmless and just something we want to ban for aesthetic reasons.
The epigenetic partners allied to our DNA are nutraceutical foods, that is, foods that will act as medicines, correcting deficiencies and nutritional deficiencies.
If you do not know how your metabolic state is, you will not know how to prevent and make use of this resource so handy, which is food.
But when the disharmony is already installed in us, sometimes some foods become aggressors as well.
So it is important, every three months to do an Epigenetic evaluation test, so that you can realign your metabolism, just as your car needs revision every 10,000 km, also the human body needs to re-evaluate the style of life.
Science is increasingly striving to ease the way, by creating resources that allow us to re-evaluate our epigenetic state.
For example, there is a technology that works through algorithm evaluators, created in Germany called S-Drive System, which evaluates how we are, using only a few strands of live hair, containing the follicle.
It is truly gratifying to be able to know so much about our state of health, using painless, rapid response and relatively accessible to all people.
In Portuguese, we can translate to the epigenetic drive system.
That is, the master algorithm is the key that opens all the ports and that is able to decipher us effectively, accurately and without errors. In our body this algorithm is food.
Through the hair follicle, we can have all the information about our epigenetic state.
In the hair are contained the enzymes that play an important role in the neuroendocrine regulation of our body and in the constitution of mineral elements.
When we evaluate a few hair strands through a marker algorithms, we can get information on 9 metabolic fields, which allow us to not only change living habits but also to shape functional and personalized nutrition.
Therefore hair can be considered as a biomarker information of our metabolic state.
The evaluation technology used by the S-Drive system is considered scientifically, being a resource based on the concept of epigenetic evaluation.
Hair takes up to 80 days to reach the surface, allowing you to store information that emanates from the micro and the macro environment of each being.
Being fat or thin no longer depends only on what you eat, but above all on how we are able to manage all the influences that modify us metabolically.
Epigenetics emerges as a new frontier to be achieved. The understanding of its mechanisms beyond those already known by molecular genetics allows us to create models to evaluate and structure a preventive solution, focused on the individual and unique biotype of each human being.
All these resources associated with a way of treating the human being in a complete vision of total reorganization “In Vivo”, that which comes from within.
This is the path of life made with longevity and cellular well-being.

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