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“Somos gemas preciosas e precisamos de ser polidas para brilhar…” Este livro fala de saúde, de amor e de poesia, é uma receita para a felicidade.
(Paula Mouta)

“…Um dia disseram-me: não te importes de ser como muitos, mas não suportes ser como todos. Uma boutade que me veio à memória no dia em que conheci Paula Mouta – à minha frente estava alguém para quem não existiam limites ao nascimento de novas palavras, de novas perguntas, de novas formas de olhar e pensar o mundo e os outros.
É um livro que acredita numa ideia de felicidade. Que acredita muito na capacidade do ser humano se regenerar. Que acredita ainda mais no talento de cada um para entender o essencial, de se cuidar, de prevenir e de, num certo sentido, se amar…
Paula Mouta propõe-nos uma viagem. Com estações e apeadeiros indecifráveis – porque cada um dos seus leitores terá uma chave única que apenas a si pertence – mas também com uma bússola que nos orienta contra a infelicidade nas suas múltiplas formas…” Luís Osório

Don Chisholm

With not long to live at the age of 50, Don Chisholm went on a mission to discover why some people get better and others do not.

His findings are the basis of his best-selling book, Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy?

Don now travels the world telling audiences of his and others’ personal success. He assists in promoting products that over the years have had positive results for all sorts of reasons.

Don belief: “Don’t believe anything you hear until you prove it for yourself.”

From books, to health retreats, to a range of amazing products, Don still says, “Being healthy is more simple than most people realize—one only has to keep it simple, eat and drink like they did 50 years ago, eat organic and live and love life.”


Author’s note:

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“…A book that believes in an idea of happiness. That greatly believes in the capacity of human being to regenerate. That believes furthermore in the talent of each one to understand the essential, of taking care of himself, of preventing and, in a certain sense, to love.
Paula Mouta proposes us a journey. With seasons and unreadable stops – because each of its readers will have an unique key that will only belong to itself, but also with a compass that orients us against unhappiness in its multiple shapes…


Note from the author

“…Because our body is a complex machine, it needs adaptation and attention in every season, whether in the way we eat or the way we dress and socialise…Mind and body are a single entity of union and harmony and togetherthey create the right balance to be healthy.
This is not science fiction but something that belongs to our daily lives. Illness is a warning sent by the body to the mind signalling that something is wrong with the spirit. This means the cure is within our reach…
The human cell’s well-being depends solely on us. In my role as a woman, I can only say… “I Enjoy Living. Mighty is the body that becomes weightless by stepping onto the path of fine sand…
Gentle is the heart that becomes bold by enjoying the breeze of life with weightless step and gentle living…Paula Mouta”

With love

The recipes in this book are lifted from the menu of The Love Kitchen, the in-house restaurant of Absolute Sanctuary, a wellness and detox boutique resort in Koh Samui. For many of the guests who have enjoyed the resort’s detox, rejuvenation and yoga programmes, their visit has been a life-changing experience in more ways than one. They return home feeling not only healthier, they have a better understanding of their bodies and clearer insights on how to stay healthy. Without a doubt, their most pleasant and greatest eye opener must be the discovery that eating healthy is not “nibbling on rabbit food.”