About The Composer

Born in Mexico City, Juan Carlos Camarena showed interest in creating music since he was very young. He chose the piano as his primary instrument and completed studies in orchestral composition in CIEM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music of London). He has made orchestral arrangements for several films under the direction of Hector Ruiz. He has also been involved in various Music Therapy projects.
As DJ Cama, Juan Carlos has performed in numerous venues all over Mexico. His catchy soundscapes and inviting melodies are sure to catch your attention.

Our Lounge Music albums are designed to provide an inviting musical background that can help stimulate conversations between friends and loved ones.
Pleasant atmospheres and evocative rhythms transport you to a time and place where your mind can engage in social but relaxing activities.


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1. Chillout Cocktail 3.57 m
 2. Memories Of Buddha Bar 4.05 m
 3. Back In Ibiza 3.31 m  
 4. Away 3.09 m  
 5. Walking On Air 3.54 m  
 6. Evening Breeze 3.37 m  
 7. Electric Rainbow 4.33 m  
 8. The Fragrance Of Love 4.09 m  
 9. Cocktails And Dreams 4.13 m  
10. Thrill Of Anticipation  3.43 m  
11. Helios And Selene 3.42 m  
12. Music At Sunset 3.27 m  
13. The Road Back 4.45 m  
14. Tangerine Dreams 3.54 m  
15. Beach Sunrise 4.34 m  
16. Counting Clouds 3.39 m  

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