About The Composer

Born in Mexico City, Juan Carlos Camarena showed interest in creating music since he was very young. He chose the piano as his primary instrument and completed studies in orchestral composition in CIEM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music of London). He has made orchestral arrangements for several films under the direction of Hector Ruiz. He has also been involved in various Music Therapy projects.
As DJ Cama, Juan Carlos has performed in numerous venues all over Mexico. His catchy soundscapes and inviting melodies are sure to catch your attention.

Emisaries Of The Light (EOTL)

Deep in the belly of a perfect kick drum, a set of dancing twin flames was born, connected by the music of the spheres and brought together by the Presence of Life to enjoy one another, the beauty of art, sweet beats & vegetarian cuisine. Vocal Muse Elizabeth Anna and Jacob Daniel the Gentleman DJ, who produce music under the moniker EOTL (Emissaries Of The Light) are the co-founders, head curators and managing Emisaries Of The Light (EOTL) directors at www.Fr33domPeople.com , an online disco-very portal for great independent and underground music.

Trusting in the power of Music, Elizabeth & Jacob have set out on a mission to uplift humanity through the sharing of
music. Explore. Discover. Share. Love.

Get ready to experience the healing power of massage at its best with this album, specifically designed to help you relax and transport you into a realm where mind, body and spirit connect with music to form the perfect harmonic atmosphere of relaxation. A must for your collection.
Regularly engaging in relaxing music accompanied by the right massage can help you establish better sleep patterns and more easily manage everyday stress.


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1. Gateway 3.08 m
 2. Emotional Freedom 3.26 m
 3. Mind, Body And Soul 3.31 m  
 4. Massage Spa 3.35 m  
 5. Inner Journey To Meditation 3.07 m  
 6. Relaxing Cosmos 3.51 m  
 7. Beyond Relaxation 3.09 m  
 8. Piano Dreams 3.25 m  
 9. Autumn Memories 3.21 m  
10. Soothing Reflections  3.31 m  
11. Sleep Under The Moon  3.20 m  
12. Dreams Of Meditation  3.33 m  
13. Meditation And Serenity  3.32 m  
14. Manifestation  3.21 m  
15. Star Song  4.49 m  
16. Breathe  6.26 m  

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