About The Composer

Beginning on guitar at age 6 but switching to drums at 7, Scott Haskin has always been passionate about music. Through the years, he honed his craft into a unique combination of rhythm and melody through both stage and studio experience and moved into the world of scoring for film and other visual media. In 2009, he wrote the book Becoming an Indie Film Composer and followed it with an audio book release as well. The book continues to help up and coming film composers around the world. In 2013, he accepted a position as the Producer and Editor of the SCOREcast Podcast; a global podcast to aid film composers from the early stages through the highest levels of the business.

Our Meditation Music albums were created to aid listeners in relaxing and focusing their energy on meditation. Meditation can be a true gift of healing and rejuvenation. Soft atmospheric textures carry you through your meditation to help you relax and replenish your energy. Breathe, unwind and welcome the joy of blissful meditation in your life.


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1. Dream Spa 3.37 m
 2. Tranquility Tank 4.45 m
 3. A Walk Through The Forest 4.41 m  
 4. Raindrops On The Mountain 3.38 m  
 5. Hidden Oasis 4.31 m  
 6. Reves Du Paradis Doux 4.26 m  
 7. Inner Peace 3.43 m  
 8. Gazing At The Sky 4.34 m  
 9. Hidden Waterfall 3.09 m  
10. Snowfall  4.30 m  
11. Calming Visions  3.31 m  
12. Floating On A Cloud  3.56 m  
13. Quiet Reflections  4.05 m  
14. Serenity  3.49 m  

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