About The Composer

Ivan Valles has been successfully making music as an independent producer, engineer, and songwriter for over 10 years now. He graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music. He has been collaborating with renowned artists and musicians, such as Armando Manzanero, Nestor Torres, among others. Ivan has had the fortune to have some of his productions charts as billboard bestsellers. Through Musical Spa, he has composed and produced several albums that have been commercially well accepted in this genre of music. His extensive background in pop and new age music have allowed him to fuse these styles together.

Our Meditation Music albums were created to aid listeners in relaxing and focusing their energy on meditation. Meditation can be a true gift of healing and rejuvenation. Soft atmospheric textures carry you through your meditation to help you relax and replenish your energy. Breathe, unwind and welcome the joy of blissful meditation in your life.


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1. Deep Meditation 8.49 m
 2. Hearth And Sky 6.00 m
 3. Heaven of Peace 4.14 m  
 4. Inner Peace 3.58 m  
 5. Mediatation By The Sea 9.02 m  
 6. Only Time 6.39 m  
 7. Reiki 6.47 m  
 8. Sedona 6.35 m  
 9. Serenade To The Moon 5.09 m  
10. Spiritual 9.20 m  
11. Tears In Rain 6.30 m  

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