Modern Self Radiation Mapping
(highlighting the invisible plague of modern lifestyles).

The Modern Electro-Radiation Mapping Service has been developed with a sophisticated software. This is a complex software program that enables recordings from digital cameras (SLR’s to mobile phone camera optics) to capture both infra-red and visual waveband ranges, which are then merged and processed through a color separation filter to discern variations in photonic light particles that can indicate the presence of EMF/electromagnetic frequencies and EM/electromagnetic radiation, including ELF/extremely low frequencies and RF/radio frequencies. Thereby the system can detect, under specific parameters, EM and EMF from varying sources of electrical devices that may cause harm to the environment, humans, and animals when exposed for extended periods.

Many consumers are stressed by electro-radiation and are unaware of its hazards. Many consumers are surrounded by electro-radiation and do not know where it emanates from.
Did you know that large bursts of Electro-smog can also affect your stomachs probiotic content? Our new technology highlights the radiation by mapping the areas of your home, bedroom, and office which need your attention. Three JPG pictures taken from your cell phone are all we require to map the radiation. The radiation or to be more specific is “E-SMOG”, or also known as electrosmog. Electrosmog is an unseen and mostly unknown menace.

The electrosmog first began developing with the rollout of the electrical grid a century ago and now envelops every inhabitant of Earth and some scientists say it is highly likely to be responsible for many of the diseases that impair or kill. During the past 100 years, we have methodically filled in the electromagnetic spectrum far beyond what occurs in nature. Recently, several developments have highlighted the growing hazards of EMF pollution and the crucial need to address them.

This service includes 

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