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Introduction to The Smart Card

Smart Card resonates with natural alpha waves which Mother Earth also resonates with. However, during the expansion of modern day electronic technology, the Earth’s natural frequencies have been disturbed, and dampened.
The Smart Card was developed, after many years of research in Germany, using high frequency infusion techniques. The addition of the spectrum coil allows natural alpha frequencies to ‘spin counter clockwise’, which closely reflects the Mother Earth’s original frequencies.

It is impossible to find the natural frequencies everyday which often found in nature, next to a natural and high water fall, or next to the shore line of pristine beaches, of remote desert islands. Hence, the Smart Card brings nature’s frequencies into your possession, every day.

Why do you need a Smart Card?

The Smart Card resonates with nature’s natural alpha wave frequencies. Therefore, by having the Smart Card by your side, your own system is reminded of Mother Earth’s natural frequencies. This is particularly important when living in the city, among the invisible pollution of electro-smog.

By carrying the Smart Card in your pocket or hand bag, you will notice its calming influence, as well as an improvement in balance, strength and cognitive abilities. We suggest that the Smart Card is carried on the left hand side of your body. This is to ‘stimulate’ the right hand side of the brain, which is where alpha waves are naturally generated.


Harmonising water – assisting oxygen potential and improving hydration and ionic effects. Perfect for athletes and training regimes as well as the elderly and young alike.

HOW > Simply place an empty glass on top of the spectrum coil in the Smart Card then pour any liquid into the empty glass.
the liquid in that glass will be more hydrating and its taste will be much silkier, smoother and sweeter. The Smart Card is a wonderful asset for those who wish to reduce their sugar intake.The spinning frequencies embedded into the Smart Card cause a natural molecular chain to reform, just as it does in nature.     

Alternatively: If the liquid is already in the glass, slip the Smart card under the glass and rotate the glass 10 times, anti-clockwise. The ‘movement’ enhances the spin effect. Once again the liquid will be smoother, silkier and sweeter, with improved hydrating qualities.

Improve the Absorbability and Natural Texture of your Beauty Products – Skin is the largest organ of the body and requires hydration to maintain elasticity. Use the Smart Card to create “Smart, Ionic, Molecularised Water”.

HOW > Simply by placing an empty mist spray bottle onto the top of the spectrum coil in The Smart Card, then pour any drinking water into the mist spray bottle. Spray the ‘Smart Water’ over your skin to rediscover that youthful reflection.

Most skin creams and oils will benefit when infused with the natural frequencies of The Smart Card. Simply stand the cream, oil or lotion onto The Smart Card, overnight, to discover the improved absorbability. Do a simple test, by taking any skin lotion onto the tip of your finger. Rub the finger and lotion anti clockwise, five rounds, onto the Smart Cards Spectrum coil. Rub the lotion with your fingertip onto your forearm to and discover the amazing improvement in absorbability.

Improves the taste of all liquors, beverages and juices.
Select any Wine, liquor, Juice or Beverage.

HOW > Simply place an empty glass or cup on the spectrum coil of the Smart Card, then pour any liquid into the empty glass/cup.
NOW > The smell and taste of that particular liquid will noticeably improve.

To compare the differences between “Smart Liquid” and “Non-Smart Liquid”
All you have to do is:
Find the same empty glass/cup and pour that same liquid and amount into that same empty glass/cup but this time DO NOT place the glass/cup on the spectrum coil of the Smart Card.

The comparisons will allow you to discover the results of nature’s natural frequencies after tasting or simply smelling the “Smart Liquid” and “Non-Smart Liquid”.

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