About The Composers

Tom Ameen.
Tom was passionate about music since age 9, when he started playing guitar. After a few years, Tom saw Superman 2, at which point he was mesmerized by John Williams’ score and learned to play it by ear. His interest in music and the piano has led to a very successful career as a piano player and composer. After studying in Indiana College, Tom quickly started to perform at upper scale malls restaurants in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. After a chance meeting with piano sensation Jim Brickman, Tom moved to Los Angeles, where he arranged and scored various projects with him, including “Beautiful World” and the holiday album “Joy”. Tom recently connected with Mood Entertainment and has released 5 albums through this popular new age record label. He also released several music projects with toy company Fisher Price. His music is a colorful array of piano textures seeking to engage and relax its listeners.

About The Composers

Mark Hatter.
Mark has been playing a variety of musical instruments, most notably piano and guitar, since the age of 7. He has been in various bands, in varying styles.He has been involved in music production for over 20 years, including having run a recording studio and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in musical composition, arrangement, and mixing. Mark has worked with various relaxation and inspirational techniques to create sophisticated, instrumental music designed to work with moods and emotions. He has brought his experience in many genres and styles to create albums with a timeless feel.

Is your day calling you to take a break, relax and enjoy music? Our Solo Piano albums might be the perfect relaxation tool for you! Let our relaxing piano music take you to a different level of consciousness, relieved from stress and worries of our busy lives. Composed by prolific new age composer Tom Ameen, these soothing melodies are sure to relax and create a feeling of wellbeing while in your home or workplace.


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1. Alice Rose 5.44 m
 2. Return To You 6.28 m
 3. Worn Leather 5.57 m  
 4. Autumn Rain 3.05 m  
 5. In The Moment 3.22 m  
 6. Cinnamon 4.29 m  
 7. Eiderdown 6.53 m  
 8. Daisy Chain 5.59 m  
 9. The Dancer 6.21 m  
10. Old Friends 5.39 m  
11. The Old Country 7.37 m  
12. Time Stand Still 5.31 m  
13. Falling 3.54 m  
14. Love’s Arrival 3.44 m  

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