Mindful Eating can be a reality

Many people at lunch eat the classic salad rich in vegetables, in oil, tuna, mozzarella, ham. This way they believe they eat light, sometimes they do not even digest it properly. By heart, these salad are rich in calories and fat, to my opinion is much better a pasta dish with a light sauce. Even stuffing our bodies of meal substitutes that anticipate sense of satiety is part of those cheats that are then paid. It’s okay, but remember that a salad and a hard egg have less calories and the same nutritional properties than a bar.

Fat makes you feel insatiable

In the evening, we get some cold cuts, cured meats and pizzas at the happy hour with friends, and back home do not give up on the slice of leftover cake in the fridge. Why? Fat-rich dishes are responsible for the so-called fat paradox, that is, they silence the signal of satiety and so we eat twice as mush as what in reality should. The solution is self-control, that is, we can still eat the pitta bread with pastrami, the important thing is not to do the bis, (do it twice). And if you are invited to a rich and fat meal, the tip is to eat just a little of everything, to satisfy your curiosity without feeling guilty.

After the sweets, does hunger start appearing again?

If you can not give up chocolate and sweets is because chocolate is the typical euphoric food, it triggers endorphins, the mood of the wellness hormones. But shortly afterwards it’s hunger again, because the body is forced to produce more insulin to absorb ingested sugar. This excess insulin lowers glucose in the blood so rapidly that it has increased, with the result that the body requires it at once, triggering the hunger for sweets.

In order not to fall into this vicious circle, you should choose complex carbohydrates, which release the sugar slowly and keep the sense of satiety longer.

Do not skip lunch

There are many people who forget to stop for lunch, or they specifically avoid this meal; the problem is that then you come to dinner with a terrible hunger. It happens because when we are concentrated on other things, whether business or pleasure, stress hormones are produced and this alleviate the sense of hunger, but as soon as the plug is pulled away the stomach demands. So you have to take small snacks during the day and remember that in the evening it is better to limit yourself, as the body does not burn calories. Better get satiated with a good minestrone for dinner, and satisfy the palate for lunch.

The calorie count

If you grant yourself a bit of luxury every day, in one week you can end up putting one extra pound. But a whim occasionally does not hurt. Here are some examples of caloric foods just so you know what to choose.

  • A candy 20Kal
  • A chocolate 45 Kal
  • A teaspoon of honey 60 Kal
  • Two Chocolate Biscuits 92 Kal
  • A spoon of nutella 135 Kal
  • A Cream filled Pastry 221 Kal
  • Brioche and Cappuccino 265 Kal

Do you tend to overeat? Or do you feel you might have eat the wrong foods convinced that they are light and healthy?
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Franco defines itself as a person trapped in a sedentary lifestyle, however, he is an avid fitness "addict" and like, many more in his environment spends vast parts of his leisure time on a gym, running, cycling.