office syndrome

Spending 8 hours or more in the office can be tiring not only for the mind but also for the body.

Sitting for a long time in front of a computer, perhaps in incorrect positions, can in fact bring a series of cramps or pain to legs, arms, neck and back. As we improve technology and we now work with computers on a daily basis more and more people suffer from these disorders. Many people then find themselves quietly suffering on their chairs.


How to cope with an exciting new job that unfortunately can also be an “aching job”?

The solution is gymnastics, but often there is no time or desire to go to the gym once you leave the office.

Not everyone knows that you can remedy these physical pains even with a bit of stretching from the desk, in breaks from work. If doing exercise in your office may seem inconvenient or inappropriate, do not worry. The exercises are quick, easy to do and will not expose you too much to the attention of your co-workers.


To get a bit of a fight and to overcome back, neck and arm pains, it is enough to have a few free minutes and a chair.

So if you suffer from these disorders and the idea of ​​some quick stretching exercise makes you curious, read on, below you can find 5 simple exercises to do at intervals when sitting in the office.

correct back position

Exercise the lumbar muscles

Here’s what you need to do: sit down slowly with your torso towards your thighs and bring your hands to touch your feet. As you go down, breathe out, then wait in position for 15 seconds and come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise at least 4 times.

Exercise for the back muscles

Always sit up and put your torso upright and cross your hands behind your neck. Then push the elbows as far back as possible. Hold the position for a few seconds, then bring your elbows forward. Repeat at least four times.

Relax the neck muscles

Do you have a bad neck? Here is the exercise for you!
When seated, pull your back off the back and keep it straight. Relax your arms and place your hands on your knees. Slowly bring the chin to touch the chest and then always rise slowly.
In the same starting position, then, slowly turn the head to the left and then to the right and repeat the exercise 10 times per side.

Exercise for the arms

Find a chair that is sturdy and without wheels. Sit down, put your feet on the ground and keep your back straight off the back.
Grab the side edges of the chair seat, pry up the arms and lift up. As you lift, inhale and contract the abdominal muscles, the buttocks and the thighs. Then return to the starting position and exhale slowly. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercise the abdominals

When seated, keep your back straight and lean against the backrest. Keep your hands on your hips and slowly rotate your torso ten times to the right and then ten times to the left. While doing the exercise, remember to inhale and exhale slowly.

Well hopefully by following this simple yet effective suggestions you will slowly recover from your pains, however, you if you feel that the pain is chronic and still persist, it is advisable to see a doctor that can help you even further.

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Franco Nero
Franco Nero

Franco defines itself as a person trapped in a sedentary lifestyle, however, he is an avid fitness "addict" and like, many more in his environment spends vast parts of his leisure time on a gym, running, cycling.

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