Intestinal cleansing, guarantee of good health

Intestinal dysfunction and the permanent self-toxication it causes can have a disastrous effect on the nervous system

Contrary to popular belief, the foods we have eaten are not “inside us” at all. It is true that they are in the inside of our body, but not in its tissues as they can only be after they have been digested and assimilated. For this reason, a large part of the immune system is placed on the walls of the small intestine (Peyer’s Plates), as it must be careful that dangerous substances do not enter our body through the food.

This leads us to understand the wise habit that, until a few decades ago, gave an intestinal cleansing to adults and children at least once a month, at the change of season and when going on vacation. In fact, a clean intestine provides a guarantee of health because it does not create organic poisons and lightens the work of defense systems.

A dirty intestine, instead, becomes the site of various toxic substances that load the immune system with a heavy and continuous work, therefore, over time, it loses its efficiency giving rise to many problems including various intolerances and allergies. This fact has made Dr. Bernard Jensen say, after years of studies and experiments, that “most of the health problems widespread in the industrialized society today is due to a poor state of intestinal cleansing”.

Toxins, in turn, can create the conditions for innumerable dysfunctions and….diseases

Not cleaning the intestine internally, especially in its last stretch (the colon), is equivalent to having the staff responsible for the removal of urban waste on strike. To all intents and purposes if the waste material is left to stagnate in the colon, a process of putrefaction will begin which will irritate the mucous membrane making it less permeable (leaky gut syndrome), this will allow the toxic substances to penetrate into the bloodstream.

These toxins, in turn, can create the conditions for innumerable dysfunctions and diseases, among which we mention: skin problems, blood poisoning that nourishes the brain and the nervous system with a consequent headache (chronic headache), irritability, weakening, listlessness, little memory and some problems that are imputed to senile dementia.

Some signs of this state of poisoning due to the persistence of putrescent material inside the colon are: stools and foul-smelling sweat, malfunctioning of the digestive system, abdominal swelling, flatulence, bad breath, tongue covered with a white patina, acne and skin opaque and not very toned. In short, every organ can get intoxicated, the body ages prematurely, the joints age, becoming stiffened, the mind becomes lazy and the joy of living is lacking.

Common causes

A diet based on foods that are not fresh, fried, overcooked or overdone, the excessive use of non-wholemeal flour and refined sugars, the abuse of salt and other improprieties in our nutrition do not favor efficient functioning of the colon, even if we think we have regular evacuations.

Incredibly to believe, but …

Intestinal dysfunction and the permanent self-toxication it causes can have a disastrous effect on the nervous system.
It seems truly incredible, also because doctors generally do not talk about it, but many problems and illnesses have their profound cause in a bad functioning of the intestine, due to the little movement, environmental pollution and use of non-natural medicines. To these factors we must add an unbalanced diet, too rich in sugars, refined foods and chemical additives and poor in primary elements, such as fibers, vitamins and minerals.

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