A Low Carb Diet for Beginners

Starting a low carb diet can be difficult and overwhelming, especially for beginners. This guide will teach you all the steps you need to take start a low carb diet.


There are different reasons why people decide to avoid or limit the amount of carbohydrates they consume, and they are all good reasons. Although there are many low carb diets available, some are more effective, but one of the best low carb diets is the ketogenic diet.

  • What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet or a keto diet consists of very low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high fat and it’s one of the best diets to lose weight. It might sound too good to be true to many. Below, you will find how the ketogenic diet works.

The human body works like a car engine, and it needs the energy to function. A motor car uses gasoline in its engine while the human body needs glucose. Carbohydrate is the main food that breaks down to generate glucose, which becomes the energy the body needs to function properly. Since ketogenic diet focuses on “low-carbohydrate,” the body does not have enough carbohydrates to convert into glucose, so the body needs to use fat stored to create energy. Now, you must have known why the ketogenic diet is one of the best diets in the world and below, we will check out a quick guide ketogenic diet.

Limit your carb intake

The first step you need to take when you’re practicing ketogenic diet is to start removing items containing a high level of carbohydrates and sugars from your food, which should be reduced in your weekly diet. Start looking at the food in your kitchen, including snacks, baked goods and groceries you buy every week. You should also remove processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, refined white flour and other items that help increase glucose storage in your body.

Eat moderate protein

When you’re in keto, excessive protein consumption, depending on the level of tolerance of your body, can often lead to weight gain. Since our body converts excess protein into sugar, we have to calibrate the amount of protein we eat. This will also help you in your keto journey. To eat moderate protein, you have to first, recognize your daily protein tolerance level. Secondly, you need to choose your protein from organic foods.

Fat is important!

Basically, our bodies need energy to function properly. When we drastically reduce our carbohydrate consumption, our body will require another source of energy. Since protein is not an effective source of energy, our body will then use fat as a source of energy, and this is what ketogenic diet is all about. While on keto diet, any fat you consume is used to provide energy for the body. So eat fatty foods when you’re on keto diet. Be sure to know the difference between healthy fat and bad fat.

Drink enough water

While you’re practicing ketogenic diet, your body can hardly keep as much water as it needs, so proper hydration is needed. It is recommended an average adult consumes 2-3 liters of water in a day. A good indication of proper hydration is the color of your urine. If your urine is clear or light yellow, then your body is well hydrated.

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Franco Nero

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training at the gym to loose weight

Exercise is one of the most important activities that every human being has to do to stay healthy.

However, it is impossible to lose weight and get in shape without knowing which exercises really work. You need a proven system that works, including cardiovascular exercise and stretching, etc. The more you understand how to workout to lose weight, the better the results with fewer injuries.
The best gym workouts to lose weight is the combination of cardio, weightlift and stretching workout practices. This article contains proven exercises that you can do to effectively lose weight. Below, we will check them out.


cyclette at gym

Cycling session in gym workouts is just like riding a bicycle. It’s done in the gym with a stationary bicycle. A normal cycling session usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, but a shorter session for beginners is recommended.


yoga at the gym

Yoga is a very effective exercise to reduce fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Yoga will stimulate brain cells, relax your body, eliminate the effects of stress, reduce blood pressure, help you lose weight and make you feel peace. Special yoga poses, such as lying down, sitting and standing poses are great for strengthening the abdominal muscles and losing weight.

Treadmill Workouts

using treadmill at gym

Treadmill workouts are superior to other exercise equipment used indoors because it is very useful for losing weight and burning calories. In a treadmill exercise program, you will be devoted to exercises, ranging from running, walking, slow jogging to fast jogging, depending on your exercising habits.

There are also many treadmills, which will give you a chance to lose body weight on a certain part of your body. Treadmill workouts are definitely a good way to lose weight and stay healthy, but it is necessary that you complement the exercise with a good diet.
On the other hand, It is important you consult your doctor before taking any treadmill workout as there have been cases of people suffering from heart failure during or immediately after treadmill workouts.



Deadlift is the most important gymnastic exercise. It exercises almost every part of your body, including your legs, back, and arms. Deadlift mainly focus on your back and forearms. They also work great on your abdominal muscle, so when you are lifting, you can lose weight and get six packs.


squatting at gym

The squat workout is the only exercise that works on every leg muscles. Squats are essential for muscle growth in other areas of your body too because when you do that, the level of testosterone will increase. High testosterone is important because the higher the testosterone, the more your muscles will grow. This will also allow you to lose excess weight.


Stretching helps restore body shape by maintaining healthy blood flow to our body and helps increase fat burning metabolism. This type of exercise will keep our muscles fresh, flexible and ready for strength training.

Final thoughts
It is also recommended that you exercise in a standard gym and hire a fitness instructor to help you find a better exercise plan.

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