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With technology, we can track how much we eat, when we exercise, how well we sleep and even monitor our stress levels.

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed technological breakthroughs and innovations that have changed our world. Microwave ovens, LED TVs, digital music and the internet have all transformed the way we live, and our lives are set to progress further with the advancement of interstellar travel, face recognition systems and self driving vehicles. With health being our most important asset in life, it makes sense to leverage on modern technology to enhance and maintain our wellness.

 We can be aware of foods that are right for us and that improve our
optimum wellness.

But working out and keeping in good shape doesn’t have to be an individual affair. It can be hard to constantly keep up our own motivation and determination. This is why maintaining your optimum wellness with likeminded people can be more efficient and beneficial. Epi Life Coach’s members are individuals who are interested in being the best version of themselves in all aspects – physically, mentally and emotionally. Members employ various forms of fitness exercises, yoga, relaxation, music, nutrition, apparel and accessories to manage their wellness.

One of the biggest benefits of Epi Life Coach is its growing community. Here, members can compare workout programs, discuss their epigenetics, get recipe tips and more. Members can also post their own articles for discussion and encourage each other to attain their wellness goals. Research has shown that robust social relationships have a powerful impact on physical and mental health. Positive conversations, emotional support and shared values can affect our biological and psychological states to keep pursuing our wellness goals.

As naturally social creatures, we tend to perform better when we have the support of like minded people. By sharing our wellness lifestyle and helping one another, we share knowledge that benefits the community as a whole. Helping each other track their yoga and fitness goals, going on a meditation break together and reminding each other to reduce electromagnetic radiation in our lives – members can benefit from all these and more. By actively participating in Epi Life Coach’s community discussions and getting to know members better, we stand to gain better results from our fitness and wellness activities.

As they say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Join Epi Life Coach’s community today and be part of the growing force for optimum wellness.

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