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Why could Yoga be the correct choice for you? It has been known to provide all-round fitness, weight loss, stress relief, and energy increase. Yoga originated in India 5,000 or more years ago. Recently, many Western scholars thought that Yoga originated much later, maybe around 500 BC, which is the time of Gautama the Buddha, the illustrious founder of Buddhism. But then, in the early 1920s, archeologists surprised the world with the discovery of the so-called Indus civilization—a culture known for extended over an area of roughly 300,000 square miles. This was in fact the largest civilization in early antiquity. The archeological artifacts from the ruins of the big cities from the ancient time and settlement show the maturity of the civilization and later Hindu society and culture.

What is the actual goal of Yoga? In today’s lifestyle, Yoga has been proven as a way to improve our physical fitness as well as mental wellness. Yoga helps to relax but at the same time allow the body to gain balance, strength and wellness. Today, Yoga is widely practiced everywhere in the world and more people are practicing yoga either in fitness clubs or yoga centers. But in today’s society, our busy lifestyles do not allow us much time to go to physical centers. So, Epi Life Coach brings yoga to you by providing an array of yoga programmes for all levels.

Epi Life Coach has also partnered with a music specialist and together, we have curated an essential background music collection to help you to relax and reach your own goals in Yoga.

Our programs have been designed in collaboration with experts in the field of Yoga, check out our programs now.

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