Weight Monitoring and Activity

Weight Monitoring and Activity

Our body weight represents the tangible expression of the “energy balance” between calorie intake and expenditure. Energy is introduced with food and is used by

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Forgetting things is not an uncommon issue,

Age and Memory Loss

Forgetting things is not an uncommon issue, everyone suffers from a few forgetful moments such as unable to recall where they have left the keys

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technology around us

Technology Around Us

The use of technology in our daily lives has increased to a point of no return, today we have become dependent on technology, we are

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Schumann Resonance - Subtle Energy part 5

Subtle Energy – Part 5

Welcome to the Part 5 of our mini series on the Subtle Energy. Today we are going to talk of the Schumann Resonance Fields. Around

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Hartmann's grid, subtle energy part 4

Subtle Energy – [Part 4]

The whole earth’s surface is crossed by a magnetic grid called Hartmann’s Grid by the German physician who discovered them. A grid that follows the

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Subtle Energy - Part 3

Subtle Energy – Part 3

The electromagnetic radiations of the sun, the moon, the planets and constellations come from the cosmos and planet earth too emanates electromagnetic energy and natural

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Relaxing Music Samples
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1. Breathe

2. Naked Spirit

3. Feeling Good

4. Buddha Bar

5. Take Me Away

6. Wilderness

7. Talking To The Moon

8. Oxygen

9. Shaking

10. Sex On The Beach