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97% of women and 80% of men are unhappy with their bodies. If you are comparing yourself to the perfect body, it is a difficult task and there is no one right body shape for everyone. We are genetically different, so our ideal body shape is one that we can achieve when we are at our optimum fitness levels.

Our programs are designed specifically to help you optimize your fitness level and guide you to be in better physical shape.

What you can do in three simple steps

Step 1


Set some time every day to dedicate to your body workout. Start with as little as 20 minutes and increase as you progress. You will discover that it is not that difficult.

Step 2


Take advantage of our free Body Harmonizing offer and watch our extensive videos from the Body Harmonizing introductory fitness program. Practice this and you are off to a good start!

Step 3

getting stronger

As you progress with your daily workout, you will start feeling more confident and be in better shape. You are now ready to step up to the next level. That’s great news! Dive into our extensive range of fitness programs.




Physical movement is very important for the human body. This program is an introductory level for those who are new to fitness or who have not been able to exercise for some time. This Body Harmonizing program is divided in 3 different levels (level I to III) to help you build body strength as well as build the ability to do exercise without injuries.

10 push-ups in the morning
10 push-ups in the evening
Video execution with bullet points
3 different levels

Excercise level: intermediate / advanced
Program Lenght: 2 months

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body strengthening fitness

Exercise Level

Program length: 3 months

This exercise helps people build their core muscles. The program is suitable for those aiming to get stronger and build their muscles to maximum level.


3 days in a row, rest and repeat
Can add extra rest day in between
Train according to you body weight
Start with blocks of 12
Progress into blocks of 15
Weekly cardio


body sculpting

Exercise Level

Program length: 3 months

This program is for those who are purely concerned with fat loss as it consists of high metabolic workouts to increase the heart rate and burn calories.


4 days per week training
2 gym days in a row
Rest for 2 days and repeat
3 sets on each exercise
Rest 45 seconds to 1 minute between sets
10 to 12 reps


body toning

Exercise Level

Program length: 3 months

The purpose of this exercise is to build muscle but maintain an athletic healthy look following the strategy of progressive overload within a higher rep range.


4 times a week
2 days of rest between 4 training day
Add more weight weekly
Add more reps weekly
Progress into blocks of 15
4 weekly cardio