The Body Give Us Alert Signs Every Day

"THE BODY GIVES US ALERT SIGNS EVERY DAY" She has just released the book 'Crónicas de Bem Viver', where she synthesizes years of knowledge and practice in the field of naturopathy.
Dr. Paula Mouta
YEAR  2017
DATE  Wednesday, February 15
TOPIC  Epigenetics
AUTHOR  Dr. Paula Mouta

She has just released the book ‘Crónicas de Bem Viver’, where she synthesizes years of knowledge and practice in the field of naturopathy. She believes in the capacity of man to regenerate and treat himself. Just read the signs that the body gives us. Behind, there are concepts like epigenetics or nutraceutical foods.

What motivated you to write this book?

This book is the sum of the chronicles written over a year to three online platforms Through it, I can take each reader a healthier view of life. Show that it’s never too late to move. There are no limits when we want to change something in ourselves. Just start.

Luis Osório, who wrote my preface, was able to define this book very well. “It’s a book that believes in an idea of happiness. Who believes in the capacity of human beings to regenerate. Who believes more in the talent of each one to understand the essential, to take care of, to prevent and, in a sense, to love … The book, this book, is water. And also thirst for knowledge. And that’s why it matters. “

In his chronicles, he talks a lot about epigenetics. Can you describe what it means for our lives?

Epigenetics is defined as genome modifications that are inherited by the next generations but do not alter the DNA sequence. External influences force our metabolism to generate changes and adaptations to survive, something that comes from the fact that man is recognized as a human in prehistory. To these changes, we call epigenetic factors. That is why I always affirm that health is a state of consciousness, social, cultural, emotional and personal.

What does this mean?

It means that a collective of information shapes our way of being in life. For example, if our children in elementary school begin to get a sense of good living habits, we can reduce obesity, which has already become a public scourge recognized by WHO.

This is the best example of how epigenetic influences modify the new generations. If notions of regular exercise habits, nutraceutical foods, consumed at least four times a week, good reading habits and daily practices of human values are introduced in schools. These children will be healthier adults with a more balanced awareness, social, cultural, emotional and personal.

If you want to look at another, broader view, think about the health of migrant peoples. All those we are receiving and with whom we mix every day. In them there is other genetic information, which when changing geographic region will be adapted to all new information received in the host country. And we also receive influences from them, we reap new eating habits, which for either and both generate metabolic conflicts and sometimes disharmonies dangerous, as is the case of the consumption of sushi, for which our metabolism is not prepared. All these changes will be visible in the near future. We will have other types of diseases.

And the body usually gives us signals, right? How can we be attentive to being able to read and act in a timely manner in health promotion?

Every day the body gives us warning signals, just like the alarm clock we put in to wake us up in the morning. Just listen and listen … if a pain, a symptom persists for more than three days, I advise you to pay attention to that signal. This means that something is in disharmony and after seven days the disease may already be installed.

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