Improve what you eat to improve your wellness in life

Improve what you eat to improve your wellness in life

English | Spanish | Danish | Chinese ELC NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 5 – DECEMBER 26, 2017 We were told to have a balanced meal. A day should comprise of breakfast, lunch and dinner (and, sneak in a little extra, like snacking and tea time in between). Though, with the current lifestyle, sometimes we have to […]

Scientific insights to improve your fitness

Scientific insights to improve your fitness

ELC NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 4 – DECEMBER 4, 2017 English | Spanish | Danish | Chinese You got up this morning, and decided to put on your favorite pair of pants… and it is a little tighter than the last time you wore it. Perhaps it shrunk during the last wash, you thought to yourself. […]

Eating for your future

eating for your future

English | Spanish | Danish | Chinese As the common saying goes – “We are what we eat.” And with more knowledge and information about health, diets and nutrition, one would be more aware about what they put into their mouth. Whether it is low-fat, gluten-free, organic, pesticide-free, or whole-range, we would want to consume […]

Working on individual wellness, together

Portrait of young people running along the beach boardwalk by the ocean. Fit young men and women running training outdoors by the seaside.

English | Chinese | Spanish | Danish In the past 20 years, we have witnessed technological breakthroughs and innovations that have changed our world. Microwave ovens, LED TVs, digital music and the internet have all transformed the way we live, and our lives are set to progress further with the advancement of interstellar travel, face […]

5 Habits to help you achieve your fitness goals

ELC - Habits

English | Chinese | Spanish | Danish Habits are powerful aspect of life that either make us, or break us. Habits can transform our lives, and influence our decision making from what to wear and what to eat for today. In the matter as important as our fitness, if we are able to instill the […]