You got up this morning, and decided to put on your favorite pair of pants… and it is a little tighter than the last time you wore it. Perhaps it shrunk during the last wash, you thought to yourself. But this thought was quashed as you stepped on the weighing scale, and it turns out that you’ve gain weight.

So, looks like it is time to hit the gym, exercise, and lose those excess pounds. But, where do you start? Should you just be running on the treadmill every other day, or just do 100 sit-ups to get that sexy, chiseled abs? Or should you be enrolling yourself in boxing or Muay Thai classes to lose those pounds? Should you bid that tasty fried chicken and cheesy pizzas goodbye and forever be stuck with salad and celery aka ‘rabbit food’?

In this age and time, with current technology and knowledge, there is an abundance of information of what to do and what not to do.

Scientific insights to improve your fitness

You can get fitness wear to help you in your journey to fitness. There are watches which can monitor your heart rate, breathing patterns as well as amount of calories used in your activities. Most of these watches is able to detect the number of steps you have taken or even how much you have slept (provided, you wear that watch to sleep!).

There are various other tech garments, including compression pants and shirt, as well as inner wear which could help in improving your performance while running or working out – some of which are advanced to pick up data and send it to your smartphones to be analyzed.

Then, there are the other aspects of improving your fitness – via fitness programs and diet.

When it comes to selecting a proper program, it is important to fall in love with the program you are committed to. As starting one is a big decision, the challenge is to be committed to the program and be consistent in working out.

Hence, it is crucial to find out what your body needs and what program is suitable for you. A tailored fitness program can help you maintain your fitness levels.

At Epi Life Coach, we have Strengthening programs which feature over 20 fitness workouts that strengthens core muscles and lifts your overall performance. The programs feature instructional videos, which are short yet highly detailed. Stay committed to those programs, and you’ll be loving the way your toned and fit body very soon!

The other aspect to look out for is proper diet. With research and a better understanding about nutrients and health, you can understand better what your body requires to either lose weight or build muscles.

By eating right, you will consume the right types of food for your body, food that nourishes you and provides wellness benefits to your body. These foods would usually contain probiotics, prebiotics, plant stanol or fortified with vitamins and minerals. Know your body and eat the right kinds of food that will double up your fitness results.

With all these knowledge easily obtained at a click of a button, you should be one your way to a healthier and fitter you.

Start Now for Your Optimized Wellbeing

Optimizing your wellbeing should be everyone’s goal in life. Thus, Epi Life Coach has created and partnered with experts around the globe to provide you with services and products that will help you achieve that goal. Begin your journey today, use Epi Life Coach for the most complete and convenient way to your optimized wellbeing.

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