To clean or detoxify the body we need to make possible for toxins to be transformed in soluble matter, so that they can be eliminate through the urine and bile. It is in the gut and liver that occurs the main cleaning processes.
Dr. Paula Mouta
YEAR 2017
DATE Wednesday, May 10
AUTHOR Dr. Paula Mouta

1. Detox or 24 hours of Nutrigenetics.
We need to contribute daily to the balance of the organs that take care of the removal of toxins from our body. Who are they? The gut, the kidneys, the liver and the lymph. Detoxification or detoxification is a general term that describes the removal of toxins substances from the body (Wikipedia). We all have the daily habit of taking a shower because we worry with the external hygiene from the body. However, almost every person forgets that internally we should also respect the same rules for daily hygiene, and not only once a week, or once a month.

Every day we need to contribute to the balance of the organs that take care of the removal of toxins from our body since they are the filters that daily remove everything that attacks our immune system and the metabolic balance. What´s the name of such filters? Gut, kidneys, liver, and lymph. To clean or detoxify the body we need to make possible for toxins to be transformed in soluble matter, so that they can be eliminate through the urine and bile. It is in the gut and liver that occurs the main cleaning processes. The gut is the largest laboratory that balances the immune system and it is precisely where the biggest secret to our health lies. The use of probiotics (word of Greek origin that means “for life” or living microorganisms) and prebiotic (indigestible fibers) helps the production of endotoxins (toxins found inside bacterial cells) that alter the immune function. For that reason, it is important to consume food that helps the gut to work properly, contributing to the increase of glutamines, zinc and essential fatty acids that will act in the repair of the intestinal mucosa. The healthiest way to repair your organism is by consuming nutraceutical food, in replacement of food supplements. As a probiotic and in replacement of dairy, dark chocolate (70%) is one of the recommended nutraceuticals. The fermentation process of the cocoa grains has a larger activity than milk bacteria, according to some scientific studies. Other foods are chlorella, olives, soya milk, moringa, banana and whole wheat bread, germinated foods and kefir. As prebiotics, we have the example of leek, tomato, banana, whole grains such as barley, oat and whole-wheat flour. Honey and beer should be consumed, but not long-term. Pectin, which has a presence between the peel of citrics, passion fruit and apple. The lignin from the peels from oleaginous fruits (linseed, sesame, almonds…) and legumes such as soya and beans (adzuki). The inulin that is found in the roots of chicory, garlic, onion, asparagus and in artichoke. In a form of food supplement in medication format, the most recommended are: Vitamins C, E, B12, B6, B9, selenium, zinc, copper, coenzyme Q10. In liver occurs the processes of energy renovation of the metabolic system. It has the function of organic factory, where the toxins sent by the circulatory system, (blood) and the foods sent by intestine are removed. The liver also storages nutrients and produces the proteins and vitamins essential to our health. The food factors are the largest key players of the metabolic balance of each individual, and that can influence our genetic expression. If we don´t take care of our health and well-being, all our phenotype may suffer changes. These changes are explained through epigenetics that is the study of modification of the inherited genome during the cell division and that doesn´t involve change in DNA sequence. Therefore, detoxification or to do detox can´t be done only when we feel like to, or when we want to lose weight. Detox should be a daily process, such as bath and all that involves our general well-being. Do a balanced nutrition (combine one element of each from the list of probiotics and probiotics), drink a minimum of 8 glasses of good quality water per day, reduce the consumption of sugar and fat, increase the ingestion of living food (raw), walk 45 minutes every day, expose yourself to the sun 15 minutes between 9h and 12h. In addition, always be happy, hug, love and smile. Being health, depends only from yourself…

2. There is sea, to love and love…
In liquid state Water cures, hydrates, feeds, regenerates and allows that all functions in our body meets in an efficient and effective way. Its regular consumption needs to be perceived in our life in the same way as we fall in love by each other’s, of the love that we give when taking care of our children and the effort we have with our pets that we choose to have at home or, simply our social and leisure pleasures. To make use of the healing power of water is something that leads us to ancient stories, diverse knowledge and mysteries of life. All of us, with more or less information, know that the use of water, namely a simple glass of water, or a daily bath, can change our well-being state. As a naturopathic teacher, my students are overwhelmed throughout the school year to never forget that water balances the body homeostasis. In the office I do the same with my patients….One of my questions in the anamnesis diagnosis is about the quantity of water that they take throughout the day. And according to the answers of almost total absence of water consumption, simply because water doesn´t have a taste, or that we don´t need it, or because they take other liquids, I answer with this half silly question: do you take bath with tea, soda or juice? Why do you take a bath every day? It is obvious that the answer that I receive back and that I always want to hear…so that I can then guide them. “Because I need to be clean, because I feel good, it leaves me with more energy to start the day, or because it relaxes me in the end of the day, or reduces my fatigue, etc.” They are all related with well-being. This is why today I bring you this topic, because, it is increasingly scary to understand how much the human being neglects the practice of drinking water. To make use of this universal resource called life in liquid state is, not only, an act of personal obligation, but also social. The function of water is to take active natural hydrogen to the cell, so that she hydrates and by its turn balances the DNA nucleus. Without this process, disease silently installs in us. The adult human body is made of two thirds of water, namely, circa 50% of our body weight, which means, circa 45 liters, depending on the constitution of each person. The absence of this proportion causes what sometimes happens to plants that we have at home and that we forget to water…they die. We don´t die so quickly as plants. However, silently our cells die; electric structures in our body dehydrate, crystal functions that allows our medulla to produce immunity change. The circulatory, cardiac and breathing functions modify and the buildup of toxic liquids installs in us and our gut stops working. Therefore, we swell up, we get fat, we get arrhythmias, discouraged and stressed. If our brain has circa 85% of water and if this balance isn´t restored daily, he starts to dehydrate, neurons shrink and you start feeling that your memory is reducing, because you are fast-forwarding to senile state, even before getting to old age. Our body fat is composed by 20% of water, bones 25%, kidneys 80%, liver 70%, muscles 75%, skin 70% and in uterus, the body of the fetus, has circa 90% water. These values show how much we depend on our liquid state, since we start being life. Water has in fact the function of universal solvent to eliminate body and cells toxins, and to some extent, it produces life in planet. For this reason, it is this solvent function that makes her transport nutrients to all living substances. One of its greatest functions is to act as anti-oxidant, taking oxygen to all parts of the body. For example, if you suffer from dyspepsia (stomach pain), it means that you have reached a high dehydration level. The lining cells of your stomach need to be hydrated and washed between meals, the reason why you should drink a glass of water 30 minutes before lunch or dinner. Other atrocious way of dehydration are rheumatic diseases, because our joints are lubricated with water, which will cover the joints with a small greaser layer. When evaporation by dehydration occurs, pain installs, because joints are scrapping one another. In a Washington university study showed that 5 glasses of water per day diminishes de risk of breast cancer in circa 79%, colon cancer risk in 35%, apart from other types of diseases that may be avoided with this preventive measure of water consumption. Therefore, if you are on vacation on the sea shore, beyond benefiting from this wonderful resource in salty state, which is the sea water and all its mineral power, don’t forget of the need to restore your internal hydration, even if you don´t feel the need to. As you feel more refreshed, the less you feel the need to drink water. Enjoy your well-being and, since you are more relaxed, try to create new rules of healthy habits, such as increasing the consumption of water, eating more fruit during the day and more vegetables and salads at night, and bring in your return home luggage more youth and a new passion for life, your life. Being happy and health is a state of spirit that only you can choose. To live healthy and with a balanced liquid state elevates all our physical, spiritual and emotional energy. Is to be able to love life and planet unconditionally.

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