Hologram Therapy – Part 1

Hologram Therapy is a new way to heal yourself.
PART 1 – The Hologram

Hologram Therapy Part 1

Holographic healing is a method of identifying the unconscious patterns and power constraints that lie beneath any problems we may be experiencing.

First identify “the problem”

You may be dealing with a relationship issue, a health issue, business difficulties, difficulty being successful, personality issues, or a constant state of anger or depression. It makes no difference what the core problem is. This is a tool that allows us to gain access to the underlying events.

Most of our troubles are unconscious, and this allows us to access those deep unconscious places in order to learn what might be able to help us move forward with this seemingly intractable problem in our life.

A hologram is a three-dimensional image that you can walk around inside and that appears to be totally real but is made up of relative light frequencies. When you take a holographic look at an apple, slice it into a thousand pieces, and shine a thousand lights through each of those tiny parts, they will all come together to form a full apple. It’s impossible to break it apart. And a holographic image contains far more info than you can fathom on a single square inch.

Is the entire universe an Hologram?

Post modern physics has proposed a novel notion (supported by none other than the one and only Elon Musk) that the human brain, the entire human system, and, in fact, the entire universe is a hologram. It is composed of frequencies and appears to be real, yet it isn’t.

Energy frequency fields

Even this seemingly solid physical body is actually a field of energy frequencies. If we are a hologram, as physicists believe, we are an unlimited field of relative frequency, and everything is recorded inside our system, including all knowledge, wisdom, the divine, and the history of evolution.

A new vision for the “human system”

This is a new paradigm, a shift in our perspective from the old Cartesian model to a view of the human system of rules as pulsing power frequencies. Sound and light pass through each frequency, and the status of these relative frequencies influences the state of our body, emotions, brain, and life.

The masters of souls

The masters of the soul in India claim that the soul, or who we truly are, is the equivalent of 12 suns in our world. That kind of energy and strength is the potential of who we are; unfortunately, we haven’t even begun to acknowledge it. Hologram therapy can also refer to the practice of adorning oneself with hologram jewelry in order to improve one’s life.

Resonating with relative frequencies

It revolves around the usage of plastic holograms that are said to resonate with relative frequencies that react favorably with the body’s putative energy field. Crystal healing, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, and physics are all used by proponents.

Stickers, wristbands, and necklaces with holograms are available.

This is the part 1 of a mini series. See you very soon!


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  1. Vibrational Reality is nothing abstract, rather it is something very practical and concrete, to be discovered and known through experience.

  2. The holographic model is one of the main scientific-philosophical bases of the new holistic science and of the holistic paradigm

  3. At the beginning of the Eighties, Ken Wilber, esteemed author of essays on states of consciousness and editor of Revision magazine, edited the publication of The Holografic Paradigm, a text of great scientific and intellectual fascination with which David Bohm, Karl Pribram, Fritjiof Capra, Renée Weber, Itzhak Bentov, Stanley Krippner and many other scholars.

  4. Memory, like consciousness, is still one of the great mysteries concerning the functioning and potential of our brain.

  5. All the paradigms on which science is based are in any case materialistic, that is, they do not imply the existence of any other dimension besides the physical-objective one.

  6. The holographic model, on the other hand, seems to imply a theoretical complexity and an intuitive simplicity such as to make it indispensable for explaining and scientifically understanding a large part of the relationships between the One and the Whole.

  7. A “holographic model of consciousness” makes brain processes such as memory, perception and imagination clearly explainable.

  8. Holography is a lensless photography method where the light emitted by a laser is split in two. One part is engraved on an object while the other remains unchanged. The two rays are then made to engrave on the same photographic plate thus giving rise to interference fringes (the light that hit the object has had a phase change).

  9. The idea of ​​a brain that also works in quantum modalities is a hypothesis supported not only by Pribram.

  10. The nervous system is organized (it organizes itself) so as to compute a stable reality … If we were to suddenly discover that the mass of the entire space-time of the universe is finely balanced in our minds, we could probably go crazy.

  11. Holograms, we remember, we have them under our eyes every day: in simple words, they are two-dimensional figures that encode a three-dimensional image and are used for security reasons on banknotes, credit cards and passports, but also for medical imaging and data storage.

  12. A team of physicists from the University of Glasgow was able for the first time to encode a hologram using the unique properties of quantum entanglement. The study in Nature Physics

  13. The perceptive nervous system of man creates a model of a body which in turn produces an environment that it defines as the “external world”

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