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Proper food consumption is very important for teenagers
Christine J. Royall

Nutrition for Teenagers

Teenage, the period of life between puberty and adulthood (from 12 to 18 years of age) also defined as “adolescence”. It is a very delicate

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Control your meal portions
Aisha J. Bishop

Control your meal portions

To control weight or lose weight you don’t need to make massive sacrifices, just check the portions. It’s happened to most of us, when we

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technology around us
Franco Nero

Technology Around Us

The use of technology in our daily lives has increased to a point of no return, today we have become dependent on technology, we are

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Things that you can do
Tito Rabat


It’s important to focus a lot of the time on what you CAN do or CAN have as opposed to what you can’t. Life throws

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Relaxing Music Samples
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1. Breathe

2. Naked Spirit

3. Feeling Good

4. Buddha Bar

5. Take Me Away

6. Wilderness

7. Talking To The Moon

8. Oxygen

9. Shaking

10. Sex On The Beach