Improving what to eat improves your wellness

Improve what you eat to improve your wellness in life

Why is it crucial to eat well?

We were told to have a balanced meal. A day should comprise of breakfast, lunch and dinner (and, sneak in a little extra, like snacking and tea time in between).

Though, with the current lifestyle, sometimes we have to abandon this ideal way of eating; meeting deadlines, travelling around and getting work done ASAP. We either could be skipping meals, eating unhealthy fast food, or worse – over snacking while typing out the report for your supervisor.

So, if you are already partaking unhealthy food into your system, it will affect your overall well-being – you start to feel fatigue more often, you’ve gain more weight over time, and you are constantly moody and easily irritated.

If you are already partaking unhealthy food into your system, it will affect your overall well-being

By improving what you eat, you could see a boost in energy. Eating healthy greens like spinach and broccoli are rich in iron. Iron helps carries oxygen throughout the body, contributing to sufficient energy levels and alleviating fatigue. Healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, yogurt and low-fat cheese can help give energy boost during the daytime.

Aside from that, healthy eating assists with weight maintenance. By following a healthy eating plan, which focuses on fruits and vegetable, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean meats, as well as low levels of saturated and trans fat along with low cholesterol, sugar and sodium, one can maintain or reduce weight. By staying within your recommended daily calorie intake, you maintain a healthy weight which helps reduce health risk, including diabetes and heart diseases.

Proper eating can also help one’s mental state. Studies have shown that nutrients including iron, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and calcium can combat depression and boost moods. Illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease benefit from a healthy, reduced-calorie diet – which includes a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon.

If you aim to improve your eating plans and do not have a clue on where to start (or what to eat), Epi Life Coach is here to assist you.

We have a whole list of food plans, which are healthy and nutritious, which you can choose from to make. Be it meat, poultry, seafood or even vegan and vegetarian, we have a list of recipes for you.

These recipes are made with the collaboration with Food & Beverage companies and expert nutritionists to provide a wide variety of great-tasting recipes for your consumption.

Easy to follow instructions and images, you can be preparing healthy meals every single day to improve your wellbeing!

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Mirko Francioni
Mirko Francioni

Mirko is for people who knows him well a true motivator and inspirer. He has been the driving force in projects such as a wellness center in Thailand, a corporate on-line travel agency and membership club with over 120,000 members worldwide. Mirko has created a strong professional reputation as one of the leaders in the hospitality and fitness & recreation industries.​

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3 Responses

  1. Soups and vegetable soups in general can help you dispose of excess pounds, as long as you do not exaggerate with salt.

  2. Citing your statement:
    “Proper eating can also help one’s mental state”

    An Italian study published on the ‘Hypertension’ magazine and on the AIFA website (Italian Drug Agency) has discovered that cocoa is good for memory and prevents cognitive decline. Consuming cocoa flavonols every day, within a balanced and calorie controlled diet, can curb the cognitive decline that affects every year over 6% of over 70s with memory problems, the antechamber of Alzheimer’s. The study found that dark chocolate consumers have better performance in terms of brain function, short-term and long-term memory, speed of thought and overall cognitive capacity, compared to those who consumed less, as well as a reduction in pressure blood, oxidative stress and insulin resistance, a condition linked to diabetes risk.

    1. Let’s not forget, in fact, that the chocolate we find on the market is generally made half of sugar and the other half almost all of fat, so that, on average, each pound provides more than 500 kcal. Precisely for this reason it is better not to abuse it.

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