Control your meal portions

To control weight or lose weight you don't need to make massive sacrifices, just check the portions.

To control weight or lose weight you don’t need to make massive sacrifices, just check the portions.

It's happened to most of us, when we feel full but there is still something on the plate, a little voice in us pushes us to swallow even the last bite even though our stomach had not requested it.

We do not know why it happens, perhaps for gluttony, but there is like an irrepressible impulse inside of us that tells us not to waste that food that would otherwise end up in the garbage.

Then there is a person, for example, that when he goes out to dinner he often leaves a third of the food he ordered and says, “if I’m satisfied, I don’t have to gorge myself to clean the plate.

At this point we might as well think it is so much better to stay at home also because in this way not only food is wasted but also money, but in the end his is a logical statement: if the stomach has enough, why force it to fill up more?

Since we live in a world where supersized portions are the standard and it’s hard, but not impossible, to find smaller portions of fast food at restaurants, we can always learn to dose portions. 

Such as? Following some basic rules.

 – Remember that a portion of packaged food may not be an adequate amount for you, for a meal or a snack. It is therefore necessary to always check the amount of calories written on the package.

  • – Buy smaller plates and bowls. When preparing meals, just prepare a quantity of food that you want to consume neither too much nor too small. In this way the stomach also gets used to that portion, and with time it will be less harsh.
  • – When you have to prepare the dose for a meal, use paper cups or plastic sachets for food (think of the containers as in the classic 100-calorie single-serving pack). Just like at main meals, organizing and preparing the right amount in advance is to keep us from being stuffed, and therefore healthier.
  • – Put in your bag a few sachets for food to divide too large a portion that you bought on the local shop or on the fly before returning to the office, so as to eat one part and keep the other for the next time.

In conclusion

The importance of what we eat is now reiterated daily and, fortunately, the concepts of quality and controlled provenance of food have now become part of the food routine of each of us.

On the other hand, the question of “quantity” seems rather neglected. In fact, if it is true that to stay in shape or lose weight, it is essential to eat well, it is also true that to stay healthy it is necessary to eat less.

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      1. Obesity is fast becoming a serious problem, not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world.

        1. Smaller meals guarantee the right amount of energy throughout the day. At first I’ve found it not so easy, but once I’ve got started, I then got used to it quickly!

          1. Succeeding, however, may not be easy, especially for those who have the habit of stuffing themselves with extra large portions or find it difficult to control hunger pangs.

            1. At the beginning of this slow and “painful” process we must first understand the right size of the portions we are going to eat…

              1. Read the labels. This simple trick allows you to understand exactly how much food corresponds to a portion.

                1. Label information also helps you determine the content of calories, fat and carbohydrates in one dose, all useful details when you are on a diet or follow a specific diet.

  1. Serve the portion you normally eat and weigh it. In this way, you realize how much you are eating. Did you get 150 g of chicken, 50 g of salad and 90 g of rice? Understanding the size of the meals you normally eat helps you define a plan to reduce them.

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