Bruce Lipton’s and the Epigenetics

Epigenetics is an advanced multitude of science in the world with  an increasing popularity.

This is the study of physiological and cellular bodies and how the environment poses an impact on the genes.

It defines the need for cells and for the genes to reach their true potential. It also describes the ability of cells to read the genes and impose them to work on their potential. Scientists are forecasting the benefits of this science. Some scientists define epigenetics as the structural networking of the chromosome that directly or indirectly poses an impact on signaling and activities.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is leading the science of epigenetics and has contributed to it by writing three books on how epigenetic can revolutionize the human life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton has been awarded the Goi Peace Award and has been the chief guest in national as well as international conferences to present the keynotes. 
He started his stem cell biologist career by dwelling into the quantum physics to understand the cell processing and to gain insights. This information liberalized him to develop the cell membranes’ breakthroughs. According to him, the outer layer or membrane of the cell is the real brain, just like the computer chip.

Dating back from 1987 to 1992, he investigated the environment that is affected by the membrane and how it could affect the physiology and behavior of the cell. This continuous switching of the genes helped him devise the science of epigenetics. Along with his professional career, he made bounds in his personal life by gaining insights about the cell biology. Moreover, he identified how the mind is the real controlling body for the human function and if the immortal spirits are genuine. After devising this knowledge that improved his life, he wanted to put it forward to the public.

Bruce Lipton's The biology of belief

He believes that epigenetics has the potential to change the paradigms of someone’s life by ensuring the spiritual well-being, making the person happy and healthy. Through his books, he has tried to simplify the science, which makes it easily understandable. In other words, he is teaching the people to play around in their happy phase all their life. He also concluded that the thoughts and vibes of the person play an essential role in his health.

After his research, many scientists inclined towards this science that devised the relationship between molecules and the mind with the body. Now, scientists are adamant at posing the modification in the genes through the changes in the environment. If you remember the English books, you would be aware of the line, “dark they were, and yellow were their eyes,” this line was for the human being who shifted to another planet, and with the environmental impact, their physiology changes.

Many scientists believe that the healing process is considerably impacted by the use of the right medicine and by keeping the mind on the positive side. This tends to uplift the mood, and people actually want to heal, which fastens up the procedure. Through his book “Biology of Belief,” he concludes that DNA can be actually changed through the positivity and negativity of the mind.

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    1. According to a Darwinian belief life and evolution are based on the survival of the fittest; which highlights an internal competition and a battle for existence that goes on forever.

      1. The new science of epigenetics shows that this is not correct, that evolution is not based on competition, but rather on cooperation as mentioned above.

          1. In addition to what said by Dr. Bruce Lipton the American Cancer Society has published a statistic that states that 60% of cancers are preventable by changing lifestyles and diets. In fact, only 5% of cancers have to do with family traits and genes, while 95% of cancers actually have no connection with genes.

            1. Contrary to what we have been taught, today science shows that we are not victims of our genes but that it is the environment in which we decide to live that has a real impact on our lives and that of others. Our beliefs, emotions and thoughts, in addition to food, can therefore change our biology. We have the power to heal ourselves, increase our feelings of self-esteem and improve our emotional state.

                1. As recently as 10 years ago, we knew almost nothing about the regulation of HDAC in cancer or other diseases, but today it is one of the most promising areas of health-related research.

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