Electrosmog and How to Limit its Effects on Our Bodies

EMF spectrum

Electrosmog or electromagnetic smog is the name given to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment.

These EMFs are generated by the oversaturation of electronic, especially wireless devices in any environment. Wireless phones, wireless computers, and WiFi all contribute to electrosmog and it has a lot of consequences and impacts on the physical and mental health of everyone exposed to it. These harmful effects range from headaches, dizziness, mental strain, lack of sleep and concentration.

To prevent the effects of electrosmog quite a number of precautions need to be kept in mind. In today’s digital age, however, it is quite difficult to completely avoid electrosmog. What we can do about is take certain steps to limit its effect on our bodies. Some of these steps are as follows.

1) Have a landline
Cellphones and all cordless phones emit radiation. With the increase in the number of handheld device users, it has become increasingly difficult to escape the range of an EMF. However, at home, you can limit this by owning a landline phone with a curly cord and forwarding all cellphone calls to that phone when you are at home.

2) Lessen the use of microwave ovens
The harmful waves emitted by microwave ovens are dangerously high. You should reduce the use of a microwave oven and form the habit of using a stove for most cooking. Another reason to lessen microwave use is that your food loses a quite a bit of its nutritional value as well once its microwaved.

3) Distance and Effective Planning
We avoid building cities near nuclear power plants because of radiation. Similarly, electrical power plants should also be situated far away from residential areas as everything that makes them up contributes to forming a large electromagnetic field. This field then encapsulates entire cities within it and leads to the citizens suffering from ill-effects of electrosmog.

4) Get Rid of Any Electrical Cords Near Your Bed
When you sleep, make sure you are not in range of any electrical device especially a wireless one. Make sure to turn off your WiFi router before bed or have it situated at a distance from where you sleep. Make sure to rid your bedroom of any electrical cords as well because these cords end up increasing the electrical field causing you to experience a lack of sleep and also wake up feeling unrested.

5) Switch to a Cable Connection
While the thought seems ridiculous, opting out of a WiFi internet will bear good news for your health as you would have reduced the intensity of the overall electromagnetic field around your home or workplace. Just plug in the cable internet for your electronic devices and have as many heads as you require. It is strongly advised that you keep the children’s room out of the range of WiFi if you cannot afford to switch back to cable internet.

6) Diagnose Static Magnetic Fields
If you have a bed with a metal frame or a mattress with metal bedsprings then you run the risk of them having amassed risky levels of residual magnetism. Metal bodies that have been present in EMFs for too long tend to soak up some of the magnetism and then cause harmful effects to your body. You can use a compass or any EMF detecting device on your bed to see if it has a negative reading and then proceed to replace it.Hopefully this helpful tricks and tweaks will be a good start for you to defend yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of electromagnetic fields.

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Julian Buchholz
Julian Buchholz

Julian Buchholz is a 24-year-old gym assistant who enjoys worship, donating blood and hockey. He has a degree in sports science. He is patient and dedicated, but can also be very stubborn and is obsessed with...well...sure..."fitness".

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  1. “The harmful waves emitted by microwave ovens are dangerously high.” .. Really..?
    I don’t think so. How otherwise we would be allowed to purchase microwave ovens and use it if this would be affecting our health?

    1. Microwave leakage is not common in a standard house in North America or Europe but could be a different story in emerging or under developed countries were this type of household electronics are misused, modified or repaired in ways that are not conformed with the standards pit in place by the manufacturers who abide by the international laws. So In short, while it seems an absurdity for us in the “western ” world it may be a sad reality on the other side of the globe.

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