Hidden dangers of fake perfumes

Hidden dangers of fake perfumes

Have you ever bought a perfume on a stall or have you ever been tempted by buying from that small, no name pop-up store that showcases incredibly similar packaging seen on the shelves of an expensive perfumery and the fragrance that is really similar to that brand that you like so much? 

You probably happened to run into a fake

On the other hand, counterfeit perfumes are not new, but sometimes, especially during the summer, they somehow become more dangerous because with the body transpiration and exposure to the sun the chances of incurring sensitization and allergic reactions multiply.

Original products are certainly not exempt from causing allergic reactions, but are subjected to quality controls established by strict laws and always offer a customer assistance service willing to listen to any complaints from those who buy their products, while in the case of the counterfeit product It is not so. 

No one is going to take your calls or to accept responsibilities for any trouble you might experience, in fact, chances are that if you come back in the same area were the shop was when you first purchased it, it might no longer be there as this sort of stalls or shops are temporary, which in turn it helps their business model of not taking responsibilities for the quality of their product. 

Now, the problem lies on the fact that since the fragrance is applied directly to the skin the fragrance must be subjected to dermatological safety tests and above all use ingredients without harmful potential.

The perfumes are generally made up of natural essences and fixers of the same essence that must respect the ph of the skin, adapt to all types of skin including the most delicate ones and not irritate or stain. 

Remember, however, that alcoholic perfumes, even when of reliable brands, are not safe in the sun, because they can cause photosensitization and remarkably stain the skin.

In conclusion

The saying “you get what you pay for” seems to never go out of fashion, in fact it is very true that sometimes to save money on articles of this kind you go then to spend others on creams and solutions against skin infections that completely should be avoided. In the end it is up to us to judge if “It isn’t worth the trouble”. And to finish it off with yet another saying. Forewarned is forearmed.

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8 Responses

  1. The scourge of counterfeiting has been plaguing the world of perfumes and cosmetics for many years.

    1. If you buy a product from unauthorized retailers, you don’t even know which chemicals will come into contact with your skin.

      1. There is no one to verify (for you) the safety and genuineness of the formula. Fake perfumes do not pass under the strict controls of companies in order and institutions, above all they do not adhere to global safety standards

        1. If you wear a counterfeit perfume you are delegating the protection of your health to criminal organizations.

              1. Wearing or giving a perfume is a magnificent experience, the sense of smell is able to give unique emotions. Among the five senses it is the least explored, but if you train it consistently it can actually lead you on a journey of sensations out of the ordinary.

                1. With the purchase of fake products we often do not realize that we are buying a low quality perfume, created with toxic and harmful ingredients

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