How Often You Use Your Car?

Top Reasons to Reduce How Often You Use Your Car

Top Reasons to Reduce How Often You Use Your Car

Today, almost every average individual own and use a car in our society. Owning and using your private car will give you the comfort and privacy that you have always wanted. While there are a lot of benefits of owning and using a car, though it would be impossible to list all benefits here, it is also important you know the disadvantages associated to owning and using a car too often. Below, we will discuss some of the top reasons why you should reduce how often you use your car.

It’s expensive

Using your car too often will pile up a lot of cost for you. The more you use your car, the more you will spend money on your car maintenance as well as replacement of body parts. If you drive your car every day to your workplace, there are chances that someday, the car will need a general maintenance and because you drive it daily, you will need to perform a general maintenance often too. For an average, man this isn’t going to be really easy. If you live in a busy city like New York City, you should also watch out for rough drivers, especially if you drive a lot during the night.

It’s not recommended for your health

As adults, we all know that driving can be stressful, especially on days when you need to get to a certain location within a limited time, but you find out that there is traffic and you’re stuck. This can influence your mental and emotional health negatively, and you may be frustrated at the end of the day after spending a lot of time in traffic.

Moreover, if you drive too often, it could also affect your blood pressure and also reduce your work productivity.


Even though most cars that are being produced now have very good and efficient safety technology, it is also important to know that cars are one of the most dangerous ways of transportation. Thousands of car crash happens in a year, and this leads to loss of lives and properties. And the more you drive your car, the more you increase the chances of crashing your car despite being careful.


Driving your car too often will definitely lead to pollution. First, the noise of the car when it’s been started and being used on the road will cause noise pollution. Secondly, the carbon and other waste gas that is being released into the air will cause air pollution. So, if you’re a good citizen as every country expects her citizens to be, you shouldn’t be driving your car too often to lower the risk of pollution.

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

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  1. Yes, I agree driving is indeed very expensive. The price of gas has risen which causes me to depend on carpooling with my friends most days to lessen gas prices and the burden of general maintenance for the vehicles become easier for us as well

    1. Good work on that. If we all would do a little this world would become less polluted and “congested”.

  2. This is the very reason I carpool it my husband, too much pollution. Occasionally, I walk if the location is within walking distance

    1. That is the best thing to do. Not much for the expenses concern but for the “health” point of view. When Possible walking should come always first .

  3. However, on the issue of crashes I have been driving for 15 years without one crash so I believe that they’re safe enough

  4. I agree that the more a person utilizes their motor vehicle the more their expenses will increase due to maintenance etc. However a person has to weigh these versus the comfort & ease they can have when traveling to work or going on family trips. And I would vote for more expenses than being uncomfortable in public transport.

    1. Sure, we also agree on that. The problem is that today most of the cars are carrying only one passenger, which in turns means more cars around our streets which then translates more cars to insure / repair etc. For instance if in a family mom and dad both work and have two kids to take to school the good way should be that they all jump in “a” car and they drive to school first then to work one by one. Obviously this is easy in a small town where distances are not a big issue.

  5. I use my car as it provides better transportation for my family and friends. I’m willing to pay the expenses.

  6. Carpooling is a nightmare I cannot cope with it and my anxiety. That’s why I use an electric car. Would that count as saving the environment?

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