Sea water, a wave of benefits for the nose

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The nose

The nose represents the main entrance door of the air into the body. Its role is threefold: heating the air, thanks to its remarkable vascularization, humidifying it, through the presence of mucus, and finally filtering it. In this context, it is exposed to numerous aggression from the atmosphere (infectious agents, pollution, pollen and other allergens, air conditioning etc.), which could cause rhinitis.

Nose Congestion

The latter takes various forms, such as the sensation of nasal obstruction, a runny nose, the drying out of the mucous membrane or sneezing. In addition to the annoyance it causes, this disease can directly affect the whole O.R.L sphere, as the nose is no longer able to perform its role to perfection.

Depending on the causes, traditional medicine makes use, oral or local, of antihistamines for allergy, vasoconstrictors for the stuffy nose or antiseptics, to avoid or fight infections. Nonetheless, these molecules are not without side effects, which is why, whenever possible, it is always better to opt for a more natural cure, possibly in addition to a pre-existing treatment.

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Benefits of sea water

Seawater, naturally rich in minerals, responds to most of the needs of a mistreated nose. Its main function is evidently the cleaning of the nasal cavities: in addition to softening any crust, it removes dust and pollen, with a nebulization mechanism.

The composition of the water may vary slightly depending on the formulations available on the market. The isotonic form (with a concentration of sodium chloride identical to that of the body) respects the nasal mucosa, allowing good hydration; the hypertonic form is more suitable for causing the detachment of the consequent mucosities.

In addition, some trace elements present in seawater intervene directly in the mechanisms of allergy (manganese), inflammation (copper) or antisepsis (silver).


Finally, the harmlessness of sea water allows it to be widely used, even in pregnant women, without time limits or side effects. People prone to allergies or with a sensitive nasal mucosa will prefer formulas without preservatives. Finally, for a better observance of the therapy, the choice of a pocket size is recommended.

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      1. Not true, if for example you have nasal congestion but also suffer from cardiovascular disorders, then in that case the low to medium hill escape is more recommended because of being cooler than the sea, with fewer sudden changes in temperature and a normal amount of oxygen in the air.

          1. Being at sea favors the penetration of the beneficial sun’s rays to the skin, provided that sunburns and insect bites are avoided, small traumas that, with excess sweat, make injuries worse.

            1. I have always known that holidays at high altitude are suitable for those who suffer from asthma and allergies to pollen because the air with less pollutants and allergens improves their condition.

              1. I agree on everything has been said, but what about for the children? Which one is better if one or the other should be chosen?

                1. I see that here in the comments there is a debate between sea or mountain while the theme of the article was that the sea air and water is a good nasal decongestant.

                2. It is to note how a topic can completely diverge solely because you follow one of the comments and you start to give answers to that …. however I must say, it still is quite interesting also the challenge between sea and mountain 🙂

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