Age and Happiness

Age and Happiness

What’s the meaning for happiness is not easy to define, but we can at least understand what kind of happiness we feel in the different ages of our lives.

According to a recent, very detailed study, our happiness depends on the age we are living and is of a different kind in relation to it.

We could also get there on our own, by intuition or direct experience, but the research published in the scientific journal Social Psychological and Personality Science gives an account of these differences, giving a convincing explanation.

What emerged from the study, structured in five other different studies, is that as a young person happiness is linked to the future and to the feeling of excitement, while as adults it is linked to the present and to the feeling of satisfaction. 

For those who have already spent a certain part of their life, in fact, happiness resides in what satisfies and relaxes us, while for those who approach the future it is essentially that which exalts to be defined as happiness.

The first step of the analysis was to process millions of blogs in search of words related to the concept of happiness, then crossing the data with the age of those who wrote the blogs themselves. Following the participants in the experiments, they were asked alternatively to listen to a song describing the sensations provoked, to listen to a reading by writing their impressions later, to define their own concept of happiness. 

Finally, as a further test, choose how to spend 100 dollars, then assessing whether the choice was linked to exciting experiences (such as buying a game console, for example) or relaxing experiences (such as a day in a beauty farm).

The researchers also found that the difference between future-oriented or present-day happiness or still linked to exciting experiences or present satisfaction can change if there is a child in an adult’s life, which shifts the focus to definitely happy experiences linked to the discovery, always incredibly exciting, of the world through his eyes.

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  1. Real life, according to many, begins after the age of 40, because at this age you feel more aware, less stressed. Happier.

    1. If we see someone smile, we tend to respond in the same way. Unfortunately “imitation” is also triggered by negative moods.

      1. Among the youthful emotions there are weddings, graduations, the birth of a child, making adventurous trips or in exotic places.

              1. At the age of 55 I can say that social relationships, talking with my nephews, receiving a message from an old best friend are the sort of things that make me happy the most.

      1. We pass from those that are astonishing and astounding, sought after by the young, to those linked to everyday life

        1. I guess my take on this topic is that once you have a greater sense of what you are, and you go on with age, you have fewer future prospects and take greater pleasure in doing everyday things

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