How hate and anger might ruin your health

How hate and anger might ruin your health

We are all potential victims of evil bosses, terrible colleagues, unfaithful companions or simply someone who hurts us.

Some, might not only suffer psychological abuse but
even physical or sexual abuse.

Despite how right we are and how wrong those people are, it seems better to forgive and even better forget those who hurt us rather than persist on our hate towards them because persistent resentment can actually permanently damage our physical health.

According to Carsten Wrosch, associate professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, the sense of bitterness interferes in the functioning of the hormonal and immune system. Numerous studies have shown that angry people have higher blood pressure and heart rate and are more likely to die from heart disease and other diseases.

Physiologically, when we resent someone, our body instinctively prepares to fight that person, and this generates physical responses like an increase in blood pressure. 

“We get hot to the extent that our inflammatory system responds to dangers and threats,” explains Raison, clinical director of the Body-Mind program at Emory.

This reaction, if of short duration is not dangerous – it could even be useful to fight an enemy – the problem is whether it persists. When our bodies are always ready to fight someone, the increase in blood pressure and chemicals such as C-reactive protein creates a strong stress to the heart and other parts of the body.

“There are very many studies that claim that these mental states of negativity cause heart problems and confirm that their effect is the same as smoking,” explains Raison.

Cool Tips

When you feel the rush of anger or hate Step back, take a deep breath, think positively.

Watch the news or read the newspapers or talk to people to realize that many suffer and that suffering is only part of life.

Eventually address the person who hurt you. Sometimes it gives relief, at other times it can be counterproductive.

Continuing experiencing negative feelings by constantly resenting of someone else actions isn’t going to make your life better. In fact It is only yourself that you are damaging!

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15 Responses

  1. Generally the man who hates, does not give proof of a high intelligence; the strong mind, the man of character, knows how to appreciate and judge and even forgive if someone offends him.

    1. Who feels resentment for someone following an offense, or for pure malice should recite to themselves the eternal “do not do to others what you would not want done to yourself”, reflect on the fact of what this feeling determines in themselves, analyzes it in every aspect, and makes a careful examination of conscience, wondering how he would have acted in the same case.

            1. There are too many human beings who don’t want to laugh, who can’t think; they just want to believe, get angry, hate.

                1. Why do so many people spend so much time expressing their hatred for a more or less known character?

  2. The ability to hate is not in itself negative: it is rather the demonstration of being alive, of having energies, but at the same time witnessing the inability to direct them in a conscious manner. Those who hate are more alive than those who do not feel emotions, but still do not know what to do with life. Hate is, in this sense, an ignorant love.

    1. The haters choose to exist according to the goal of their own hatred much more than the ordinary fan does. The fan is happy if his object of attention is happy and wants the object of his interest to be realized.

        1. Expansion is life, contraction is death. Love is life, hatred is death. We started dying the day we started to contract – to hate others -, and nothing can prevent our death until we return to life, to expansion.

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