The Insanity Workout

It takes a beastly physique to support such training, which however promises to redesign the body in just two months, of course as long as you have the constancy to undergo this hard training.

Insanity is not chosen at random, as a title: just take a look at the videos available all over the web that suggests what kind of training is about and to understand how crazy is the rhythm of this new discipline that is making a furor in America and begins to spread also in Europe and now in Asia.

It's called Insanity workout and the name derives from the very high intensity at which the exercises are performed.

What is it

It is an aerobic and muscular training system based on a mix of different exercises for which you use only your body, strengthening your muscles and training your cardiovascular system. The exercises are performed at a crazy speed, with short and very rapid repetitions and very little recovery between one series and another. 

This allows you to burn many calories and at the same time work on toning and muscle definition. In addition to resistance, of course.

It takes a beastly physique to support such training, which however promises to redesign the body in just two months, of course as long as you have the constancy to undergo this hard training. 

Insanity Workout includes 10 workouts that last from 30 to 60 minutes and there is training for 6 days a week. After 60 days it is advisable to change training because our muscles always need a different stimulus.

Before starting the second month, there is a week of recovery which includes daily core cardio and balance exercises. You will sweat anyway, but this week is less intense than the 5 workouts of the first month. This is because the body needs a break before starting an even more intense month than the previous one.

Caution: Intensity level is very high

Insanity is a training program that requires a lot of work and there are very few breaks. Even if you are very fit, it will be difficult not to feel fatigue.

Which parts of the body train with Insanity Workout

Core: Yes. With Cardio Abs training, you will train your abs.

Arms: Yes. You will use the weight of your body to sculpt your arms, chest and shoulders.

Legs: Yes. Insanity uses a technique called plyometric to train the legs and consists in jumping as much as in some sports like basketball, skiing and boxing.

Buttocks: Yes. With the same plyometric technique, the buttocks are toned.

Back: Yes. The insanity training program is a total body workout and therefore allows the back muscles to work, but certainly the lower body tends to work harder.

In Conclusion

Although different levels of difficulty have been devised it is advisable to approach this discipline only if you have already trained a little and have enough breath and resistance.

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  1. for me, Insanity is a very heavy program and it CANNOT be dealt without a proper basic workout training

          1. This program is for everyone! Whether you are a 120 kg obese person, or you have never done sports in life, whether you are a marathon champion or a body builder, according to them anyone can access Insanity.

            1. This is a bit of madness to me. Without entering into the biochemical mechanisms realm, even if it is true that high intensity aerobic exercises help burn fat, you cannot have a person do this type of training without a minimum of training.

              1. The times and methods that the body uses to obtain the energy it needs to make those movements change in a person who is out of shape and out of practice with respect to one who, on the other hand, is already at the top.

                1. According to its creator (Shaun T) the Insanity can be carried out comfortably in your living room, or wherever you are most comfortable with. Fantastic yes, too bad we are alone! This means that NO ONE is there to check if the exercise is done well, if the back is bent the right way or if the posture is good. I doubt very much that the out-of-shape and maybe even obese person can quickly jump into repetition and do all the exercises correctly. What does this mean? That if your posture is not correct, the exercise loses 70% of its effectiveness (so you sweat and kill yourself for 30% of the result you should) and in addition, it can lead to muscle problems, that should not be underestimated.

                2. When you are in the gym, in fact, you are at least surrounded by mirrors to check if we are vaguely approaching what the instructor is doing, in addition to being supervised by an expert who corrects us.

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