Calcium and magnesium deficiencies dangers

Despite the widespread awareness of the importance of these two minerals, necessary for vital functions, calcium and magnesium deficiencies affect large sections of the population, regardless of age.

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Despite the widespread awareness of the importance of these two minerals, necessary for vital functions, calcium and magnesium deficiencies affect large sections of the population, regardless of age.

The role of Calcium

In addition to its well-known importance for bone and tooth health, calcium also has many other functions:

Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency leads to very precise and recognizable symptoms: muscle and skeletal pain, fingertips pain, forearm and lumbar area, cramps, weakness, bone fragility which leads, in severe cases, to particular deformations and osteoporosis, especially in women. Calcium deficiency can also be recognized by small signs: the skin becomes increasingly dry, nails are fragile, hair is lost and tooth decay is formed. Among other symptoms of calcium deficiency, an imbalance of thyroid activity, liver and kidney as well as insomnia and tachycardia.

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Calcium is one of the most important minerals your body needs to survive on a daily basis.

The role of magnesium

The role of magnesium is also not limited to muscle cramps:

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency occurs mainly with disturbances in the transmission of the nerve impulse and with problems in the muscles. Among the typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmias, tremors, but also neurovegetative manifestations such as irritability, anxiety, nervousness, states of confusion, mood disorders can be present. Magnesium deficiency can be caused by fasting, by diseases that cause reduced intestinal absorption, such as pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, but also by intense diarrhea and vomiting.

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How can I keep a good calcium and magnesium balance?

Regularly supplement your usual diet with calcium and magnesium preparations, especially in the following cases:

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  1. Mineral salts are inorganic substances normally taken through food and water. Balancing their intake is very important, as both deficiencies and excesses can have negative health consequences.

      1. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins and fats, mineral salts do not supply the body with energy, but are important for keeping it healthy. Their presence is in fact fundamental for life-critical functions.

        1. For example, some minerals are fundamental constituents of bones and teeth. Others are necessary for the functioning of enzymes, still others are fundamental for the functioning of some organs, such as iodine in the case of the thyroid.

          1. Some mineral salts are considered essential. These are iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, iodine, selenium, chromium and cobalt. Deficiencies in these minerals can have serious health effects. In other cases (manganese, silicon, nickel and vanadium) we speak of “probably essential” minerals.

            1. Calcium is essential for the development and health of bones and teeth. In fact, the bones are subjected to a continuous remodeling process which involves the reabsorption and deposition of calcium in the new bone tissue.

              1. I would like to add to what already stated above that only 1% of the total stocks of this mineral participate in other functions: contraction of muscles, nerve transmission, secretion of hormones, vasodilation and contraction of blood vessels.

                1. Magnesium is also used as an aid to depression. But it can also be useful against other diseases.

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