Can we remove bad dreams?

How to Remove Bad Dreams

Dreams cannot be controlled by humans, or so it was believed in the past. However…

Scientists are researching neuro-sciences and have come a long way from the past days where we had feeble knowledge of our own brain and how it worked.

We all have some past traumatic memories, that may not be leaving your memory so easily and causing stress and anxiety issues. Such incidents often tend to cause bad dreams and nightmares that keep you up at night.
To avoid nightmares and have peaceful and pleasant sleep, it is crucial to learn how nightmares work and what causes them.

Fear makes fear stronger


The statement may sound fictional from a movie, yet it’s true. Our brains work in strange ways that are yet to be revealed. However, we know that to keep a memory alive and strong, you need to revisit the memory. Remembering something more often causes the memory of an incident to stay fresh in your brain and strong as it was from yesterday. It is often believed that older incidents are easier to forget over time. 

However, this is not true at all. You only forget what you want to. The fear of something keeps you remembering that incident and yet, you unconsciously feed your own nightmares and dreams to stay with you longer and keep them strong. 

Eliminating the Fear


The best way to eliminate phobias and fear of something is to look it in the eye. The human brain is the most powerful machine this universe has ever witnessed and if you can control it, nothing remains impossible. You can re-write your fears and memories by realizing what causes you to be afraid of a particular place/thing/emotion and changing its context effectively. 

In order to do so, choose your comfort zone, be with someone who you trust to have the courage and look at your fear in the eye. You can easily re-write all the memories and fears associated with them by awareness of their cause and re-writing your brain with a different feeling associated with that particular memory.

Weakening bad memories


Forgetting is not that hard if you truly work for it. To forget, the key is to actually not remind the memory at all. If you keep trying to forget a memory keeping it in your mind, you are not forgetting it but making it stronger.
In order to truly forget a memory, busy yourself with the things that you love and keep distance from every possible thing that may cause you to remember the traumatic event again.
This will help you have stronger memories than the bad one and you will eventually be able to have good memories over that bad one.

In conclusion (additional tip)

To avoid nightmares during your sleep, it is optimal to adopt a healthy sleeping routine. You should make your mind free of all thoughts and worries of the day, make yourself comfortable in bed and empty your mind of all thoughts. No thoughts at all will ensure you get a healthy and trouble-free sleep without any nightmares.

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  1. Goodbye nightmares. Or welcome, if we want to experience a horror movie knowing we are safe. Becoming directors of your dreams (literally) is not only possible but there is a scientific method thanks to which, once you understand the technique, everyone can decide the plot and the outcome of their night adventure.

      1. Researchers from the Australian University of Adelaide have refined three ‘oneironautics’ techniques. The scientific perspectives of the ‘lucid dream’

                1. The scientific name is “oneironautics”, better known as a “lucid dream”. And it is the phenomenon of becoming aware during the dream of being asleep, and the consequent ability to move consciously within a dream.

  2. In short, the goal is to be able to produce a story in which, precisely, it is possible to determine the facts on command starting from the awareness of being in a dream.

      1. Not enough sleep time. You should sleep a minimum of 6-8 hours per night. If this indication is not respected, this could have consequences for the sleep of the following night. In fact, in case of backward sleep, the dream phase is prolonged and dreams are more vivid.

        1. Frequent nightmares could be a wake-up call that indicates the presence of certain pathologies, such as epilepsy, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep apnea.

          1. I guess dreams are also widely inspired by daily worries. Therefore, if you have an excessively stressful daily life, this is likely to affect the quality of your dreams.

            1. Nightmares tend to occur in the early hours of dawn and are characterized by full awareness on awakening and by the vivid memory of the content of the terrifying experience.

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