Enduring the sense of guilt [part 2]

enduring with the sense of guilt

This article is the second part from last week’s “enduring the sense of guilt”. If you haven’t read that one it is advisable to do so.

How to stop feeling Guilty

We are all social beings, and our brains are programmed by nature to have feelings towards everything taking place around us. We feel differently about each action being taken place and have named such feelings for a better understanding. Guilt is a feeling or state of mind that is controlled by our sub-consciousness. Humans don’t have much control over the sub-consciousness, yet it is the part of our brain that does all the processing and plays a very crucial role in our thinking process.

Guilt is a powerful emotion controlled by sub-consciousness that is triggered when we do something bad. Our subconsciousness stores things or actions as good/bad. Each incident that is taking place around us is either good/bad that is defined by religious, social or moral values. This way, a parameter is set for our brains to process each action based on the already stored value of that action in the subconsciousness.

Whenever we do something bad, our subconsciousness triggers the emotions to make you realize, that it is bad and we should not have done that. This enables you to re-think your decision, re-consider the circumstances. By reconsidering the circumstances that caused your action, you can either take mental notes for the future to act accordingly. Or, you can also choose to make amendments and repent your behavior. 

Realizing your mistake, and trying to amend it sounds good right? It is a good thing to self-evaluate and try making amendments to the mistakes made. However, excess of everything is bad. Too much guilt can make you lose your self-confidence and drag you towards the pit of disappointment in yourself.

Obviously, none of us want to lose the hope for good. Too much of self-accountability and guilt can lead you towards demotivation and certainly, that would not be productive for you.

There are a number of things that can be done to stop feeling guilty. However, it starts with awareness of what has gone bad, and you should not have done the act. The journey towards stop feeling guilty is actually being able to feel the guilt. It means, you still have the good spirits in you and you realize you have committed something bad. You can now start taking steps towards self-forgiveness that will allow you to think beyond negativity and step into the light of hope and positivity. 

You need to start your journey with small steps towards good and do things that are going to make you feel better. This will slowly eliminate the feeling of guilt and encourage you on the path you have chosen towards a good act. Once, you are on the path towards the light, it starts getting easier. You can also take steps and make amendments if possible, for the deed you have done, to help you feel better and eliminate the feeling of guilt in you.

Once you make amendments and correction, you can step towards self-forgiveness that is the essential part to eliminate all the guilty feelings in you and start seeing yourself as a positive person with potential of doing good deeds. 

This concludes our journey into this topic. If you know anyone who’s having this issue or is finding difficult to overcame the guilt feelings maybe you could try and suggest reading this  articles and see if they could benefit from it.

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    1. Sometimes rightly, sometimes for no reason, without actually doing anything wrong, but yeah, we all pass that stage.

      1. Guilt in psychology is not always considered negative: it indicates the presence of an internal debate on which it is worth reflecting and helps us to maintain relationships with others.

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