Does Sauna makes you loose weight?

A false myth like many, to which, however, we continue to believe

A false myth like many, to which, however, we continue to believe, perhaps in order to have the right excuse to continue enjoying a little pleasure that in today’s hectic life has even a slightly transgressive taste?

Let's talk about the sauna because it's not apparently true that sweating makes you lose weight, it just makes us lose liquids.

Whether it’s the classic sauna in the steam room, whether it’s the sauna-effect belt or shorts for localized effects or those strange plastic suits that promise to get us out of there with half a size less, the result is the same: we just sweat, we don’t lose weight.

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We like it, it comforts us to believe in small miracles, but we are basically aware of the fact that no miracle can act as a lifestyle, a rich and controlled diet, a bit of physical activity performed with constancy and good will.

The only action of which the sauna is capable is precisely that of intensifying perspiration, leading to greater sweating and consequently the seemingly obvious drop in weight due only to the loss of liquids, which however must be replenished because we lose essential minerals with sweat for the proper functioning of our body.

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Moreover, the risk involved in the sauna is often taken lightly because of the conviction or at least the hope of doing something that helps our slimline appearance, which makes us do so much.

The very high temperature is not good for those suffering from blood pressure or heart disease. Furthermore, running sports in a sauna-effect suit not only weakens the performance, but risks dehydrating us excessively.

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The benefits of the sauna is best left to the practice of the more traditional sauna that is found in many gyms and wellness centers and that helps purify the skin, eliminate toxins, reactivate circulation and relieve some joint pain.

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  1. it is not true that saunas make you lose weight, they simply help eliminate sweat and lose liquids “and” through sweat we lose only liquids, minerals, salts but not fat.

    1. It is in fact only a pure and simple sensation due to the fact that in the sauna (given the high temperatures and the presence of steam) you sweat. But sweating does not mean losing weight

      1. Therefore this is also valid for the use of sweatshirts or various plastic clothing during training or the practice of intense physical activities

          1. This is a very common but unfounded belief. The sauna has undoubted benefits: it purifies the skin and relaxes the muscles.

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