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The importance of potassium is due primarily to its role as an electrolyte, that is, a substance that contributes to chemical and electrical processes. 

First of all let's see what is it and what is it good for

In fact this mineral is fundamental for the transmission of the signals that allow the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, and that make the heart beat (also a muscle!) At the right rhythm.

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Not less important, potassium regulates the balance of body fluids and their distribution in the body. Another important function is that concerning arterial pressure, which potassium contributes to regulating by limiting the effects of sodium.

Then there are other actions that are no less essential. In fact, this mineral helps reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone loss in old age; it also keeps the acid-base balance and mood swings under control, preventing depression. It is also used for regulating blood sugar, for growing and building muscles.

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Several studies have highlighted the benefits of this mineral. In general, the ability to reduce average systolic pressure (and therefore, probably, to decrease by 25% the deaths caused by this problem) is attributed to potassium. Thanks to this regulatory action, it is also considered capable of preventing stroke. Finally, he is recognized as having the ability to keep osteoporosis away in older people, through the support provided to the bones.


Bananas are known for their high potassium content but there are other foods that are rich in them, even more than bananas, which we can learn to understand to exploit their potential. In fact, we know the importance of potassium which, together with magnesium, is able to preserve muscle function at its best, also preventing cramps.

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Consider potatoes, rich in carbohydrates but also over 1000 mg of potassium, more than twice as much as bananas. Even the raisins are very rich and also provide a good energy charge thanks to the high sugar value. It can be added to breakfast together with yogurt and cereals to enrich its nutritional content.

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Green beans are also an excellent source of potassium, with good amounts of protein and few calories and a value of the mineral present in the quantity of 900 mg. Being also rich in fiber, it is an excellent food to be integrated into one’s daily diet. So too are spinach, rich in potassium like iron and vitamin A. The zucchini is more unexpected in this short list: it is very rich in vitamins A and C as well as potassium.

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The classic five portions a day of fruit and vegetables are therefore indispensable to cover the daily needs of potassium and to promote the well-being of the organism.

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  1. When is it better to take potassium and magnesium tablets? I am unsure whether after finish workout or before going to bed … Thanks to all those who will give me some advice

          1. Curiosity: but do you take them like this, or because from the blood tests it appears that you are lacking? I ask this because it seems to me that it is very easy to abuse these substances.

            1. A nice glass of fresh milk and a banana just when you get home afteer the gym and you replenish the potassium and magnesium that you may have lost during athe workout.

                1. Incredible topic, which makes me understand how much my way of conceiving sport is really the opposite. For me, physical fitness means first and foremost open air, movement and healthy food, just to try to remove the effects of aging as much as possible and therefore also the need to enter a pharmacy, in order to continue living in health. Here, instead, I read of young people (and not so young) who go to buy pharmaceutical products every week, products to be taken at regular times, before or after meals, to compensate for chemical imbalances, to supplement nutrition, to correct urine ph, etc. …I seem to read the life of chronic patients, addicted to drugs and various products and honestly I would like to bring the topic to the attention of a psychologist to hear his opinion.

                2. Chronic patients with a potassium and magnesium tablet or Polase sports sachet, carbogel or energy bars, it seems a bit too exaggerated …. For someone who shoots 4 full days at gym a week …. I would say they are more than anything else useful, in addition to a healthy diet ….

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