Exercising helps you sleep better

exercising makes you sleep better

Does exercising help you sleep better?

According to a recent study, carried out by a team of researchers at Oregon State University, it seems so. Already long ago we wondered about at Epi Life Coach that there was a relationship between physical activity and sleep quality. This research offers us some more certainty about the existence of a positive relationship.

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The results of 150 minutes of physical activity (moderate to intense) per week, on a sample of 2,600 people of all ages, leave no doubt. Those who practice physical exercise consistently report a substantial improvement in sleep quality, with a 60% increase in benefits associated with a good night’s sleep.

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Participants also reported less daytime sleepiness in relation to people who lead a strictly sedentary life and do not perform any type of physical activity. Not to mention the benefits of exercise on mood, thanks to the release of endorphins in the body that occurs during physical activity.

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Thousands of people around the world suffer from insomnia and / or not to rest well. Do you think that only in the United States about 35-40% of the population is struggling to fall asleep or suffers from daytime sleepiness.

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Exercise could therefore be an excellent natural remedy against insomnia, avoiding recourse or worse drug abuse. Other advantages of a regular physical activity on the quality of sleep that emerged from the study are: decreased calf night cramps (-68%) and less difficulty concentrating during the day (-45%).

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    1. it depends on how you train, in addition to the time chosen for the exercise it can have a significant impact.

      1. Regular and constant workouts, three or four times a week, for at least 30 minutes, are much more useful than training once a week for two hours

        1. If we do about 30 minutes of physical activity, our body increases in temperature and keeps it higher than normal for 5-6 hours, and then drops it to lower levels than when we started exercising.This lowering of temperature, after 5-6 hours from physical exercise, represents the ideal time to go to sleep, as it helps us to fall asleep quickly and to have a more regenerating rest.

          1. Training and sleep quality are closely linked and if we can get the best of both we can greatly increase our quality of life and therefore our mental and physical health.

            1. When the body is involved in physical activity, hormones are produced that help reduce stress and anxiety and by doing activities such as yoga increases the level of cortisol and reduces blood pressure, two factors that contribute to improving the quality of the body. sleep.

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