Re-gain energy with nutrition and good habits

regain energy

Do you always wake up tired and need coffee to start the day? Have you already exhausted your energy in the middle of the afternoon? Do you get to the end of the day “exhausted“?

Or are you often in a bad mood, lazy and without the mental and emotional strength to take on new challenges?

This is a very common condition, unfortunately, and often, the daily fatigue, since the morning and without real reasons, or the perennial bad mood or laziness, are considered normal.

But is not so. According to macrobiotics, a healthy person should wake up in the morning full of energy and good mood, with the desire to face the day with all its commitments and without the need for substances that awaken.

It seems impossible? Yet with a conscious, integral diet (for example whole food such as the seed of the cereal and not dispersed like flour), with a vegetable base, alkalizing, homemade (no industrial and precooked), without sugar (which steals vitamins and minerals!) and other stimulants (which drain the energy of the kidneys) we can overcome physical and mental fatigue.

The ideal healthy person should be: “Never tired, full of life, dynamic and quick, that can fall asleep instantly, always with a good appetite, not only for food, but for life. Which has an iron memory and does not forget anything. Always in a good mood, unable to bear grudges”.

It is interesting to note that for macrobiotics the concept of “health” extends beyond the physical condition of our organs, but embraces the human being as a whole.

First of all we should start to eliminate or reduce to an occasional use all the “dead” energy foods and start to introduce daily “live” and vital foods, which transfer a high vibration to us.

  • industrial food
  • freeze-dried food
  • frozen food
  • flours (especially the refined ones, but also integral ones!)
  • cooked or heated food in the microwave
  • animal food
  • seeds (grains in beans, legumes, oil seeds)
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • flours (especially the refined ones, but also integral ones!)
  • fermented foods (salads, pickled olives, unpasteurized sauerkraut)
  • miso

Second step: Say yes to food rich in nutrients and no to poor food.

The second step is to avoid or reduce foods that are poor from the nutritional point of view, those with the so-called “empty calories”, therefore rich in calories and carbohydrates, but poor in vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and fibers.

A food poor in vitamins and minerals (such as “00” flour) is a food that can not give us energy and vitality, but it will produce tiredness and a bad mood, as well as the desire for more food, because our body has not been “Fed” for real, but only “filled”.

The refined foods, from the flours to the sugar, not only do not give us the precious nutrients to give us vitality, but they steal them! They are real thieves of vitamins and minerals, making us feel weak and emptied.

And it’s not over, refined food also creates acidosis, which will make us feel even more tired and exhausted.

  • refined sugars
  • refined flours (pasta, bread, crackers, biscuits, etc., prepared with flour “00” or “0”)
  • meats and sausages
  • eggs
  • cheeses
  • dairy products of all kinds
  • coffee
  • sugar
  • alcohol
  • whole grains (especially in seed)
  • legumes
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • seaweed
  • seed oils
  • ofu and tempeh
  • sugar
  • iso

Third step … good daily habits

Nutrition is not everything, even if it is perhaps the most important piece. Our body also needs movement, oxygenation, relaxation, positive thoughts, contact with nature.

  • sport
  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • walk in the woods and in the countryside
  • long baths at the sea
  • exposure to light

By Working on several fronts, we can say goodbye to chronic fatigue and live our lives fully.

Want to know more about the health-nutrition relationship?
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Mirko Francioni
Mirko Francioni

Mirko is for people who knows him well a true motivator and inspirer. He has been the driving force in projects such as a wellness center in Thailand, a corporate on-line travel agency and membership club with over 120,000 members worldwide. Mirko has created a strong professional reputation as one of the leaders in the hospitality and fitness & recreation industries.​

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10 Responses

  1. Absolutely love these recommendations but sticking to a daily regime is so hard for me when I work six days a week n burnt out from exhaustion on my only day off

  2. Deep breathing is a really good technique, unfortunately when you live in the city the air is so polluted it throws the chi off balance if your not strong enough.

  3. Not many restaurants provide the rich nutrients food at an affordable charge, not even school cafetería

  4. I can tell sugar saps the energy right out of me, have a engr y drink for the first few mins I’m hyper then I crash and feel so drained

  5. I just can’t seem to eat my veggies raw, they gotta be cooked. I know this leads to poor nutrition as I usually just stick em in the microwave as I go about my day.

  6. I know the dead foods are bad as it causes cancer, but when your life is a highway its convience that best suit that on the go lifestyle

  7. For a busy mom like me who is also an entrepreneur my empty calories is mainly fast food, it’s bad but it gets the job done of not going hungry especially when your day is packed and you have no time for a proper meal.

  8. So happy I read this blog, now I can tell my mom that I’m not lazy just exhausted from bad eating habits

  9. I wake up everyday in A bad mood until I have my coffee, I just feel so exhausted and miserable so I know exactly how it feels

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