Are you affected by Techno-Stress?

Are you affected by Tecno-Stress?

Attention deficit, decrease in concentration and absenteeism: these are the main and most evident effects of excessive technological stress.

This specific type of stress has been defined by the American psychologist Craig Broad “Technostress” and according to the same scholar it is a disorder caused by the inability to know how to effectively manage new technologies.

This was already been said in 1984. In the most serious cases we are witnessing panic attacks, anxiety, depression, fits of anger and mental fatigue, probably due to the lack of preparation in managing these digital tools in the most correct behavioral way.

In a recent research conducted by the WHO, World Health Organization and the association for the prevention of videodipendences and related syndromes, on a sample of 224 ICT operators, it showed that 80% of workers where technically affected.

A problem that, as also pointed out by Microsoft, is underestimated by most worldwide companies. It is therefore necessary to train people and educate them to an appropriate use of technologies, to understand clearly the functioning of the human mind and the impact that information overload has on the health of the individual.

Another effect of the technological development, culturally significant and pervasive, is also relational isolation. Today for many, our screens take us deep into a sort of second life which paradoxally it is viewed more real than our actual reality.

Who lives alone or in conditions of poor relations with others, is more likely to experience high stress conditions.

It is also more exposed to problems of anxiety, aggression and cognitive disorders. These are the data that emerge from recent research conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago College Medicine, and published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science”.

The study uncovered a link between social isolation and reduced production of allopregnanolone, a anti-stress hormone.

In practice living in isolation and therefore having behaviors and habits that push the person to avoid social contacts, can lead to an alteration of some hormones that strengthen the immulogical system and allow us to face in the best way the continuous stressful situations to which we are subordinates.

Having social relationships therefore means not only having a richer and full life, but also better deal with highly stressful situations.


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How to cope with "Techno-Stress"

Imagine this scenario: 

A person wearing a headset all day; who speaks, sends e-mails, works on a small mobile or tablet and is running around the city, sometimes is forced to turn off the “communication” to his sales department or clients because it is boarding an underground train….here it comes….the crisis, anxiety attacks, panic, it feels lost. He thinks why can I not communicate right now? 

It is so important, I am expecting a sales contract and I have the rational and illogical certainty that it is coming now,  almost a magical effect that makes all things happen in those 20 minutes of train ride. Everything will happen and everything will be vital. 

It’s not a science fiction nightmare from Tom’s Cruise Minority Report. This is the reality of today, the era of integrated global communication. 

The overdose of information always available has made us sick. Unfortunately there are still no precise data on the impact that technology has on our body. In fact, beyond the alarmism, more or less real, on possible brain damage due to the excessive use of mobile phones, the state of the art research does not clarify well what are the specific effects on the organism of a prolonged use of digital technologies, however, there are some preventive recipes. 

First of all, preventive training, that is to say methods and techniques that teach how to educate for the proper use of new technologies. 

In addition, there are methods, already widely practiced globally, as pointed out by many CEO’s of big company that have gone into “rehab” to fix this issue. At the top spots are meditation, yoga and imagination and visualization techniques to reduce stress but also practice sports and take and know how to manage regenerating breaks. 

All this of course works only if there is a will to detoxify. 

So if you are among those who cannot renounce your daily digital doses but desperate to fix your Techno illness your only hope is a rough, sharp cut therapy.

A concrete example?

In 2017 a group of scientists (physicists, mathematicians, biologists, etc.) met for a week in a place where there was no possibility to use the Internet and other communication and information technologies.

Only the phone was granted and for a short time, just a phone call to their loved ones. It was used to rest and regenerate the brain, to be able to reflect, study and grow.

It seems to have worked fine…. be aware though….addiction can be nasty and come back at any time, so if you think you have finally managed your Techno-Stress be sure you set yourself strict rules i order not to fall in the trap once again.

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Tito Rabat
Tito Rabat

Apart for being a busy IT executive, Tito has a passion for cooking for friends and family and is a first class wines connoisseur.

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  1. I know I’m addicted to my cell phone I can not go one day without the US for checking social sites and working

  2. I agree 100% with this article. I will definitely keep this in mind and pass this info to my friends.

  3. Well done, we are happy to hear that you are not affected, maybe you can share the post to anyone you might think could benefit from?

  4. My bro was talking about it recently said I need councelling for it because if the wifi goes out I tend to have panic attacks

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