Change Your Diet To Gain Weight

Change Your Diet To Gain Weight is possible

Mechanism of gaining weight slows down as we age. Weight gain involves the addition of body fat, muscle mass, or body fluid volume. Energy homeostasis and weight regulation remain controlled by a network of endocrine control systems, and metabolic pathway intermediates. The central nervous system controls the food intake. Many endocrine hormones and autonomic nervous system regulate the energy expenditure.

Basic Energy Needs

Say we take 2200 calories by way of food daily. If we lead a sedentary lifestyle, we will use up this energy for various body processes such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion, regulating body temperature, and so on. If we exercise or go for a jog, then we use excess energy that we do not have. This will cause our stored fats to burn up. To increase weight, we must make sure we eat more food so that it meets our basic metabolic need and then some more. 

A woman needs 2200 calories each day for her metabolic functions while a man needs 2500 calories. If you want to put on weight, add 300-350 calories to this amount. Here is a list of food items that help you put on weight fast.

Change Your Diet To Gain Weight

Protein Drinks

Make your own protein milk drink by adding whey protein powder to your banana milkshake. Add 1 scoop of protein powder along with 1 banana and 1 tablespoon of crushed almonds. 

To improve your nutrition intake, try this. Take ½ cup of spinach, blend it with 1 banana, and ½ cup of diced pineapples. Add milk and have it twice a day. You can have one cup and store the rest of your milkshake protein drink in your refrigerator so you can have it in the evening. 

Protein Drinks

Meat Items

Red meats are rich in protein with 12 ounces of steak having 6 grams of leucine. This is the key amino acid your body needs to stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein. Red meats are also the best natural source of creatine, the best muscle-building supplement.  

Choose cuts with good fat in them. In a study conducted on elderly women who added 6 ounces of red meat to their diet and exercised, there was an increase in strength up to 18%. Their muscle-building hormone IGF-1 increased by a significant amount. 

Insulin is a hormone in our body that helps in storing sugars in our body as fats. So, we must pay attention to this aspect. When your insulin is more responsive, we can store more fat in the body, that is, we can put on weight. 

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  1. You always can find way in how to lose weight, I have been searching really hard for a blog on how to gain weight recently and found this one, very informative however, I don’t know exactly how to measure my food intake to ensure its the correct portion and health as well.

    1. It is normally safe when you know the vendor and have a way to check whether the product is approved by FDA or any other globally recognized organizations that control the quality and the specifications of foods and drugs.

  2. I have struggled with putting on weight for several years, this article has given me new found knowledge. that i will definetley use.

  3. I’m a person who is always looking for the best method to gain a little weight without ruining my health. I this article is definitely going to be added to my list of does.

  4. My doctor took me off red meat, and I have sickle cell what would be the next meat I could try? I have been researching

  5. I love exercising I don’t mind It but I’m vegetarian so I stick to lots of legumes, good article informative

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