(EMF) Dangers in Mobile Phones

hidden dangers of mobile phones

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) Dangers in Mobile Phones. Users of mobile phones are exposed to electromagnetic radiation that lies between 24-80 GHz and 450-3800 MHz.

All networks of data communication produce similar radiation. According to the World Health Organization, no adverse effects have been noticed on the human health. The term radiation includes many things, including visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, terahertz, gigahertz, and more. What concerns us is what type of radiation it is – ionizing or non-ionizing.

Types of Radiations

Ionizing radiation includes x-rays, gamma rays, and UV rays. These light photons have enough energy to remove electrons from individual atoms meaning it can break chemical bonds. So much so, your DNA might get damaged due to x-rays. This is why you must wear lead plates when you take your x-ray. To assess whether radiation from your cell phone will do you harm, we have to know these things:

  1. Does cell phone radiation have enough power to cause damage to humans?
  2. How does radiation from your cell phone interact with us and other systems?
  3. What is their operating frequency?

The most common frequency for an average cell phone is 800 or 900 MHz. At times, the cellular frequency may vary between 450 – 2000 MHz. Its power is strongest (2 Watts) when we receive a call. By the end of a call, it is at 0.02 Watts. There is energy dissipation when an oscillating magnetic field tries to interfere with a matter in another plane. Matter and light do not go into the ionic state. Energy dissipation is heat – you must notice how your cell phone heats up.

Comparison of Microwave and Cell Phone

The microwave oven dissipates oscillations at 700 Watts power. This is over a hundred times more powerful than your cell phone. When you compare heat from both a cell phone and your microwave, it will take your cell phone 239 days to raise your body heat by 1 degree Celsius. There is no evidence of short-term effects like a change in heart rate and blood pressure, sleep quality, or cognitive functions.

Beware of Ionizing Radiations

Exposure to ionizing radiation such as x-rays will cause cancer. Exposure to the radiofrequency range does not show any risk associated with cancer. Increased risk of brain tumor does not occur. Moreover, there is no consistent trend in cancer risks with greater duration of use.

Though one cannot avoid exposure to cosmic rays or diagnostic x-rays, one should strive to keep it down to a minimum. A casual association with radiations from your mobile phone is not going to prove harmful but there is a chance that we cannot rule out confidently.

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Franco Nero

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  1. I have my phone in me all day, even when I sleep this article opened my mind up in noting that I really should bot be sleeping with it, and to lessen my microwave meals.

    1. Sure, this apply to any electronic devices that are connected to the internet via a wireless receiver, so t that includes also tablets.

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