Fitness and Benefits

Fitness and Benefits

Fitness and Benefits for all

Fitness is the key to a happy and healthy life. Healthy living is not just looking good but also feeling good. Fitness has to be a part of every part of your life. Your daily habits and how much time you spend doing them also reflect on your fitness. The first step to living a healthy life is to take action towards fitness.

Fitness has many aspects. Aerobic exercise is an important aspect of fitness. Without adequate aerobic exercise most people will not reach their fitness goals. For most people exercise is the first activity they do in the morning.

Cardiovascular physical activity per week consists of at least thirty minutes of brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, or swimming. These activities are very effective for improving the mood, reducing stress, and for increasing brain function. Studies have shown that regular exercise can decrease depression by as much as fifteen percent. Regular exercise is another important component of a healthy lifestyle. For those that do not exercise, increasing your cardiovascular physical activity per week can help you reduce your risk of major depression disorders.

Another important component of an exercise physiologist’s exercise program is muscle strength training. Exercise strengthens your muscles. Research suggests that up to fifty percent of the muscular growth occurs during the first three years of adulthood, which makes muscle strength training an important aspect of an exercise program for childhood development.

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Mental Health. Exercise has been shown to be beneficial for maintaining mental health. This is especially true in women. A study completed by the American Heart Association showed that exercise may be able to reduce women’s probability of developing depression as well as their risk of acquiring major depression.

Blood Flow. Exercise helps to keep your blood flowing. Research has shown that regular exercise helps to keep the arteries pliable, improves blood circulation, increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your cells and heart, and helps to control your blood pressure. The overall circulation benefits help to lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Brain Health. Regular exercise boosts brain function. The brain is the center of your body. It controls your heart rate and can even determine how long you live. There are several studies that have been done to determine the effect exercise has on brain health.

Cardiovascular fitness. Exercise can improve cardiovascular health. This is especially true in people with high blood pressure, diabetes or even small or severe heart conditions. Even small amounts of activity can make a difference.

Researchers have discovered that exercise can slow the progression of type 2 diabetes. It can also prevent the development of a new chronic illness related to obesity or another type of chronic disease. Exercise has even been found to prevent or relieve the discomfort and pain associated with a number of chronic diseases, including arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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  1. Both the duration and how often you do a cardio workout affect the results. Each cardiovascular exercise must have a minimum duration of twenty minutes for it to have an effect, and must not exceed an hour in order not to damage our body.

  2. It’s not always possible to go for a run outdoors or have access to a gym, so it’s important to find equally effective solutions at home.

  3. In the last year more than ever, circumstances have not always allowed me to go out for a run or a bike ride.

  4. In setting up an effective training program, one of the factors to consider is how many times you go to the gym to get results.

  5. For me it’s okay every day, I’m always at home and luckily I slowly built myself a real mini gym.

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