Health apps for your overall wellness

Health apps for your overall wellness

Health apps for your overall wellness are many, here are our suggestions

There are health apps to help you lose weight, increase your fitness, lower your stress, and much more! Here’s a great app review for a popular apps to track your food consumption and exercise habits.

MyFitnessPal – Weight loss, fitness, and nutrition apps all in one place. Sign up for a free account today! Add your favorite health apps and enter your information into the calorie/food tracking interface. The interface is very clean and easy to use. You can even keep track of your activities with My Fitness Pal. The free version provides many daily calories so you can monitor your progress.

Shopwell – If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle app then look no further than Shopwell. This free app provides tools to keep track of your shopping list, your weekly shopping rituals, and track your sleeping cycle. Shopwell uses your “shopping pulse” to give you information about your shopping habits, making it easy to identify what items are really contributing to your weight gain or weight loss. The Shopwell app will also track your progress towards your goals.

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Headspace – Did you know that Headspace can help you manage stress? It’s true! Headspace uses the Emotional Intelligence model, which is an emotional intelligence approach to reducing anxiety and improving your mental health. The app allows you to enter your emotional state every day and it analyzes how you are reacting to it. This personal indicator of your emotional state can lead to better management of stress.

Skimble – This app is a rigorous personal trainer, focused on creating a workout routine with clear goals from day one. There is a free version, but to take advantage of all its potential, you can become a pro or pro + user, monetizing the mobile application. While the base package works fine, once you are done with the base package, you will need to buy other packages. It also has a calorie counter that estimates the calorie loss for each exercise.

Green Kitchen – Have you ever noticed how fast and easy it is to prepare healthy meals? Whether you are at home or at work, you will want to be able to prepare delicious healthy meals. The Green Kitchen app helps you organize recipes and prep time, as well as finding great fruits and vegetables that will satisfy your taste buds. You can also find easy-to-eat recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts. The Health Apps of Apple just keeps getting better.

There you have it. A good selection of apps for you to start monitoring you overall wellbeing. Feel free to comment and let us know which app you use and why you love it.

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  1. One of the first apps I recommend you to download is Adidas training, a semi-free solution available for both Android and iOS / iPadOS thanks to which it is possible to carry out personalized exercises taking into account the time available and the parts of the body to train.

  2. Nike Training Club, one of the best home fitness apps for Android and iOS devices (with Apple Watch support) developed by the well-known manufacturer of sports clothing and accessories, is another solution that you should seriously consider. Unlike the applications I have tried so far, it is 100% free and therefore you do not need to subscribe to enjoy the over 150 workouts that are included.

  3. Among the fitness and diet apps that I recommend you to download (and as reported in this article) is MyFitessPal, one of the best app I have tried for Android. It allow you to keep track of your eating habits. Among its strengths is the possibility of using its calorie counter function and also its training program. The app is free but to be able to use it unlimitedly, you need to subscribe to the Premium subscription.

  4. for those like me who do fitness at home I highly recommend the sworkit app because it integrates real virtual personal trainers who guide you during the exercises and in achieving the set goals.

  5. If you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle mass, improve cardio endurance, then try Workout Trainer. I peronally love it. You set your goals (what you want to train, how much time and what equipment you have available, your starting level) and the app offers you its best exercises and training plans. Couldn’t be easier.

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